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"The Rise of Urban America"

Printed below are excerpts of "The Rise of Urban America, One Hundred Years of Land Values in Chicago" by Homer Hoyt, published by the University of Chicago Press in 1933, reprinted by the Arno Press and The New York Times in 1970.  Although this treatise analyzes the rise of urban Chicago, the same trends were happening in cities all over the United States, including Jacksonville, Florida and the Riverside Avondale district.
 The initial development of Jacksonville as a port and gateway to Florida at the opening of the St. Johns River parallels aspects of Chicago.
 The cycle of land boom bubble and then the contracting burst, with the involvement of financial institutions, that fuels our current economic woes is explain here in a treatise written in 1933.  History is the great teacher to whom no one listens.
 Park Lane Apartments in Riverside was the first tall apartment building in Jacksonville, Florida
 Whiteway Corner was developed in 1927 driven by the same economic forces detailed below.