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Charter Members of the Jacksonville Historical Society 1929 Jacksonville Florida


Mrs.  A.  E.  Acker

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Adair

Gen. and Mrs.Edward Anderson 

Mrs. H .L. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Moore Angas 

Dr. and Mrs. B. L. Arms

Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Ball

Miss Elizabeth A. Barnard

Mrs. William D. Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Barrs

Judge Burton Barrs

Mrs. M. E. Benedict

Mrs. S. H. Berg

Mr. and Mrs. A   S. Berlack

Mrs. C C Bettes, Sr

Mrs. W. A. Bisbee

Mr. and Mrs. Lucien H. Boggs Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. I.Bowden 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Fleming Bowden

Mrs. Maude Neal Brotherton 

Mrs. K. B. Broward 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.Brown, Jr. 

Mrs. C. B. Brownlee 

Mr.  George  Buckland 

Mrs. Nathan P. Bryan 

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Buckman 

Mrs. J. H. Burroughs, Sr. 

Mrs. J, H. Burroughs, Jr. 

Miss Alice Byrne

 Mr. Theodore Campbell 

 Miss Helen M. Carlin 

 Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Childs, Jr. 

 Mrs. A.R. Cogswell

Mrs. Joseph W. Collins 

Miss Mary D. Cooke 

Miss S. Moselle Cooke 

Miss Nellie E. Cooke 

Mrs. John C. Cooper, Sr. 

Mrs. J. J. G. Cooper 

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Corse 

Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery Corse 

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cummer 

Mrs. Lillian Cupper

Miss Evalyn I. Daniel 

Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Daniel 

Miss Agnes Davidson 

Miss  Clara  Davidson 

Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Dearing 

Mrs. Edward De Cottes 

Mr. A. N. Dobbins 

Mr. Barron Dobbins

Mr. Frank A. Doggett  

Mrs. John L.Doggett

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Doggett. Jr.

Mr. W. P. Douglass

Mr. Raleigh C Bowling

Miss Alice Drew

Mrs. George L. Drew

Mrs. Horace Drew

Mrs. William B. Drew

Mrs. Alfred I. du Pont

Dr. and Mrs. Jay H. Durkce

Mrs. Joseph J. Emery 

Mrs. Frances A. Ewell

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus C. Fagg 

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Fleming 

Mrs. F. P. Fleming, Sr. 

Miss Mary T. Fleming 

Sen. and Mrs. Duncan U. Fletcher

Mrs.  Stephen  E.  Foster 

Mrs. J. R. Fritot

Mr. John Temple Graves, II

Mrs. Marie Murphy Graves

Miss Alix Gress

Miss Pearl Griffith

Mr. and Mrs. F. G Groover

Mr. Wm. A. Hallowes, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Hamilton 

Miss Julia A. Harding 

Mr. Julian  Hartridge 

Mr. and Mrs. Mal Haughton, Jr

Mr. and Mrs. M. H.Haughton 

Miss Fannie Webb Holt 

Mrs. HL B. Hoyt 

Mrs. S. B. Hubbard 


Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hunter 

Mr. Gov Hutchinson 

Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Imeson 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Hutchinson

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Inglis

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jelks 

The Jacksonville Public Library 

Mrs. Frank E. Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.Kinne 

Mr. H. P. Kittridge 

Mrs. Raymond D. Knight. Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D.Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lamson 

Mrs. Malcolm M. Lander 

Mr. and Mrs. C. S. L'Engle 

Miss Gertrude L'Engle

Mrs. Henry A. L'Engle 

Mr. and Mrs. John B.L'Engle 

Mrs. Fred W. Long 

Mrs. Earl P. Luce

Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Manning 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis S.Mason

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Mason 

Mr. Philip S. May 

Miss Delia Meigs 

Miss Gerda E. Meigs 

Miss Louise G Meigs 

Miss Laura Melton 

Mr. and Mrs. Bob R. Milam 

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. George W.Mills 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney L. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R Murchison 

Mrs. Eva M. MacCulley 

Mrs. Hugh J. McCallum 

Mrs. R.P. McCormac 

Mrs. A. E. McFarlin

Mrs. Matilda O'Donald 

Mrs. John O'Neal 

Mrs. H. P. Osborne

Mr. D. W. Palmer 

Mrs. Giles J. Patterson 

Mr. R. W Pattison 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T.Paxon 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Pelot 

Mrs. H. B. Philips

Miss Martha Race 

Miss Eleanor M. Rawson 

Mrs. F. G Reese 

Mrs. M. L. Respess 

Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Roberts

Mrs. M. J. Roess 

Miss Ella M. Rorabeck 

Prof. and Mrs.R. B. Rutherford

Mrs. E. M. Sanderson 

Mr. Richard Scoates 

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Shields 

Mrs. S. E. Small 

Mr. W. Gregory Smith 

Miss Margaret K. Somerville 

Miss Martha L. Somerville

Mr. E. S. Spencer 

Mrs. James D. Stuart

Mrs. A. W. Taylor

Mrs.  Frank C. Taylor

Mrs. Charles R. Towers 

Mr. and Mrs. George W.Trout 

Mrs.  Philip W. Trout 

Mrs. Thomas W. Trout 

Mrs. FinleyTucker

Mrs. Lawrence K. Tucker 

Mrs. O. Z. Tyler

Miss Ruth N. Upson 

Mrs. Herbert C Utley

Mrs. D. G VonBalsan

Mr. E. A. Watson 

Mrs. F. L. Watson 

Mrs. Beulah Milam Warner 

Mrs. Loma H. Wells 

Mr. and Mrs. O. M.Wellslager 

Miss Caroline B. Wilbur 

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Withee 

Miss Nina Woltz 

Mrs. Elizabeth J.  Woodruff

Mr. J. A. Yates

Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Yerkes

Mr. and Mrs. Percy W. Zacharias