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Timuquana Club Jacksonville Florida 1929-1930

               The Timuquana Country Club

History of the Timuquana Country Club Jacksonville Florida

Early Years

On May 25, 1921, a group of 50 prominent Jacksonville men met downtown at the Seminole Club to consider the organization of a new country club in Jacksonville, which would be primarily concerned with maintaining outstanding golfing facilities for its members. The charter members accepted the suggestion of Lorenzo A. Wilson to adopt the name "Timuquana," a variation of the name of the Native American Timucuan tribe, which formerly made its home on the banks of the St. Johns River near the site selected for the new Club. The formal organization was completed, under the guidance of William H. Rogers, when the charter was approved on February 12, 1923. By May of that year, there were 185 charter members, and John L. Roe was elected the First President of Timuquana Country Club.

The services of Donald Ross,  the country's most famous golf architect, were obtained to work with the original Green Committee composed of J. H. Tucker, Jr. and A. C. Ulmer, in designing an 18-hole course through the wilderness of forest and scrub. Soon after completion of the course, Knowlton G. "Snake" Ames and C. E. Van Vleck donated an additional 65 traps to enhance the challenge of the fairways. Later, the Club engaged Robert Trent Jones, noted golf architect, to provide it with a long-range plan for continued improvement, much of which was implemented in the late 1950s.

In addition to developing its golf course, the Club soon grew into a center of many other social and sporting activities. The Clubhouse has been the scene of many happy and distinguished social events. In 1933, two clay tennis courts made a brief appearance on the lower river front terrace, but were shortly abandoned. Although a swimming pool had been proposed from the earliest days of the Club, it was not until after World War II that one was built for and enjoyment of the members and their families.

The first Club dock, for the convenience of yachting members, was constructed in 1929 as a gift from Alfred I. duPont. After 20 years, it became necessary to build a new dock, which was made possible through the enthusiasm of many members, foremost among whom was Leon T. Cheek.

The mid-30's were critical years at Timuquana. All over the country the depression was taking its toll on private country clubs. At one time Timuquana's membership dropped to 51, and the Club was operated without a manager. By 1936, it became obvious that a thorough reorganization of the financial structure of the Club was imperative. Through able and patient guidance the necessary readjustments were accomplished, and the Club has successfully operated ever since under the sound arrangements established at that time.

          Members Jacksonville Florida 
A.E. Acker                        
1720 Memorial Park  7-1060

Harold P. Adair
Graham Bldg.  5-0717

Knowlton L. Ames
Chicago , Ill.

William Moore Angus
Hildebrandt Bldg.  5-0049

Augustus Pope Anthony
Peoples Bank.  5-0049

R.T. Arnold
Arnold Printing    5-3462

G.D. Auchter
P.O. Box 46  7-5456

George J. Avent
Florida Natl. Bank   5-3974

Thomas J. Aycock
Graham Bldg.      5-4040

Robert A. Baker
1250 Oak St.     7-1236

J.D. Baker
Baker & Holmes  5-7316

George H. Baldwin
Barnett Bank Bldg.  5-6281

Roland D. Baldwin
38 Willow Br. Ter.   7-1432

Chicago Ill. 

Louis Z. Baya
Greenleaf & Crosby Bldg. 5-0041

Byron e.  Bennett
Bisbee Bldg.    5-6692

Frank d. Bisbee
Barnett Bank Bldg.   5-6231

Lucian H. Boggs
Barnett Bldg   5-1234

312 W. Beaver St.  5-5793

Henry Clay Bretney
134 W. Bay St.    7-1056

J.W. Brice 
Care Swift & Co.   7-4170

Stockton Broome
Barnett Bank    5-4196

W.B. Brush
1805 Copeland     7-1142

Joseph E.  Bryan
Care Bryan  & Co.   7-3947

H.H. Buckman 
130 Copeland St.    7-3585

Courtland Buckman
212 W. Forsythe st.    5-5952

Blair Burwell
Burwell Motor Co.    5-4103

Charles B. Campbell
florida National. Bank  5-8974

Clarence Camp
Ocala , Fla    

Leon T. Cheek
1663 St.Johns   7-1669

Francis B. Childress
Atlantic Bank    5-0875

Paran Moody Clarkson
Bisbee Bldg.   5-7911

McGarvey Cline
2595 Riverside Av. 7-1167

Walter F. Coachman Jr. 
502 Consolidated Bldg.  7-1064

A.W. Cockrell Jr. 
Graham Bldg.    5-1794

W.I. Coleman 
Atlantic Bank   5-0875

John C. Cooper Sr. 
Atlantic Natl. Bank  5-0716

Montgomery Corse
1801 Goodwin St.  7-1896

R. Victor  Covington
3644 Richmond    7-1454

Joseph E Crosby
Park Lane Apts.   7-1137

Arthur G. Cummer
Barnett Bank    5-0898

Waldo Emerson Cummer
Barnett Bank    5-0898

W.W. Cummer
807 Riverside Ave    7-1866

Richard P. Daniel
Barnett Bank    5-1234

Frank P. Dearing
St. James Bldg   5-0902

H.L. Demuth
Fenimore Apts.     7-4287

Thomas P. Denham
Atlantic Bank   5-0377

Joseph S. Diver
Barnett Bank Bldg. 5-6887

William B. Doe
3603 Hedrick St.   7-5170

John Locke Doggett Jr. 
Graham Bldg.    5-1003

David H. Doig
St. James Bldg.  5-0304

W. Kenyon Drake
Bisbee Bldg.   5-4926

William B. Drew
305 Laura St.    5-2112

Fred W. Eansor
666 E. Bay St.   5-3486

John Ferguson Jr. 
Orange Park 

T.S. Fields 
712 Laura St.    5-6542

E.F. Fitch 
Bisbee Bldg   5-1995

Marc L. Fleishel
Care Putnam Lumber Co

Francis P. Fleming
Barnett Bldg. 5-6887

J.S. Foley
1404 Herschel St.    7-1165

G.H. Ford
Aberdeen Apts.   7-3214

M.H. Fox
Care Seminole Milk Co

George W. Frazier
Atlantic Bank   5-7400

Charles M. Fuller
Greenleaf & Cosby Co

Milton Fuller
Greenleaf and Cosby Co

Charles L. Gaines
118 E Bay    5-3371

Robert Gamble

Julian E. Gammon
Professional Bldg 5-7864

Charles Garner
1837 Avondale Cir,. 7-2334

George Couper Gibbs
County Court House 5-1299

George William Gibbs
1817 Bayard Pl.  7-3850

Fannie L. Gilkes
2161 Riverside Av.  7-1148

William H. Goodman
Florida Bank Bldg

Loren H. Green 
Florida Bank Bldg. 5-1416

Mellen C. Greeley
Florida Bank Bldg.  7-4343

Morgan V. Gress
2968 St. Johns Av f 5-3012

H.S. Griggs
2129 Montague Ter 7-7247

Frank Clayton Groover
Groover- Stuart Drug Co. 

Lee Guest
Graham Bldg  5-0132

Thomas B. Hamby
323 Forsythe St.  5-0375

Frank P. Hamilton
Barnett Bank Bldg  5-6887

Ben E. Hardacre
Fla. Natl. Bank  

J. Hartridge
Bisbee Bldg. 5-0030

Caldwell Haynes
Fla. National Bank 5-0021

Norman M. Heggie
Buckman Bldg.  5-0016

Frank J. Heintz
Graham Building  5-1098

Charmes M. Hilliard
Graham Bldg.    5-1269

George B Hills
Liggett Bldg.   5-2365

Gerry E. Holden
1022 Park St. 7-3064

John London Holmes
Atlantic Nat. Bank  5-3300

Harry B. Hoyt
2 e. Bay St    5-5576

E.R. Hoyt
Ortega         7-1662

N.L. Hoyt
Chicago , Ill.  

Samuel B Hubbard
3102 St. Johns Ave   7-7557

Archer S, Hubbard
32 W. Bay St.   7-5758

Harold Hume 
Ortega    7-3355

Harry E. James
Mutual Life Bldg.  5-0874

Linwood Jeffreys
Care Dozier & Gay Paint 

Edward Jelks
2033 Riverside Ave.  7-2101

Caleb E. Johnson
Orange Park

William Kay
Consolidated Bldg 5-2299

Robert W. Keely
Buckman Bldg.   5-5587

W.J. Kelly
Consolidated BLdg.  5-3373

Raymond Demere Knight
Atlantic Natl. Bank 5-0717

James F. Lane
746 Riverside Ave  7-1919

Edward Wood Lane
Atlantic Natl. Bank  5-7400

E.G. L'Engle
Law Exchange Bldg  5-0251

Charles H. Lloyd
Care Cummer Lumber

Scott M. Loftin
Graham Bldg.  5-3796

Richard P. Marks
Marks, Marks, & Holt

Henry L. Parramore
345 W. Duval St.  5-3027

J.C. Reynolds
Consolidated Bldg.  5-0580

Louis C. Rivas
Phyllis St.    7-2429

William H. Rogers
Consolidated Bldg.   5-0580

R.R. Rosborough
Lynch Bldg.  5-8190

E.M. Sanderson
224 Liberty St.    5-1367

John D. Sasse
7000 Roselle St. 7-2142

Paul J. Saunders
Ortega Blvd.  7-1621

Joseph W. Shands
Law Exchange Blkdg.  5-6937

Walter D. Shelly
329 Laura St. 

J. Knox Simpson
712 Laura St.  5-6542

Edward S. Spencer
Marshall-Spencer Co. 5-1700

James W. Spratt
Ortega Blvd.   7-193 

A. H. Stephens
308 W. Forsyth St. 5-2521

Telfair Stockton
329 Laura St.    5-8628

William M. Stockton
1720 Memorial Park  7-1060

Gilchrist B. Stockton
Barnett Bldg.  5-0335

George L. Taber
145 Powell Place   7-4237

J.P. Taliaferro
Ortega   7-1260

Marshall H. Taylor
111 W. Adams   5-5400

George E. Tribble
Florida Natl. Bank  5-8974

Raymond B. Trueman
Trueman Fertilizer Co.    5-1981

Joel H. Tucker , Jr.
Ortega                   7-5704

Raymond c. Turck
15 Julia St.    5-8802

Neal Tyler
Smith Richardson Conroy 

Alfred C. Ulmer
212 W. Forsyth St.   5-5952

John T. Walker
Atlantic Natl. Bank  5-0877

Benjamin S. Weathers
Florida Nationl Bank 

8585 Shadowlawn  7-2402

John a. Whitner
St. James Bldg.  5-7831

Clarence R. Wilcox
712 Laura St. 5-6542

Lorenzo A. Wilson
772 W, Bay St   5-3952

Giles L. Wilson
Ortega      7-3861

Millar Wilson
2959 Riverside Av

W.D. Wilson 
Venice Fl

Herbert d. Williams
3679 Hedrick St.  7-6273

Charles J. Williams Jr. 
844 Riverside Ave  7-1491

Earl C. Williamson
Williamson Motor co.  3-1071
     Membership ( Special )

Robert M. Angas
Hildebrandt Bldg.  6-0049

Thompson S. Baker 
Baker and Holmes 5-7816

Mark Brooke
Venetia          7-3133

Victor M. Covington
Graham Bldg.        5-1530

John C. Cooper
Atlantic Natl . Bank  5-0717

T.B. Simkins Denham
2228 Park St.   7-5369

Harold S. Foley
Care Denham Foley  

Charles L. Gaines Jr. 
Lutz Bldg      5-4322

Augustus H. King
Liggett Bldg. 5-3628

Charles Holton Murchison
Barnett Bank Bldg.      53029

James Wiley Pope Jr. 
Orange Crush Bottling Co 

W.H. Reynolds
Consolidated Bldg  5-0580

Angus B. Rosborough
Lynch Bldg.     5-8190

Paul J. Saunders Jr. 
Palmer & Palmer   7-7978

Dan Gordon Steagall
2843 St. Johns  7-2370

        Membership List
       ( Non-Resident )

W. D. Baldwin
New York

C.G. Bancroft
Boston Mass

Winthrop Bancroft

Asa P Childs
Pittsburg, Pa

Walter F. Coachman

Walter P. Corbett
Frostproof , Fla.

R. K, Gwanlock

Lyman Irish
New Rochelle , N.Y.

Robert A. Maddox Jr 

J.M. Mahoney
Green cove Springs

B.A. Massee
Orange Park

David C. Morton
Louisville, KY

A.G. Paul Jr. 

John H. Perry
New York

H.W. Skinner
New York

T. Arthur Smith
New York 

A.W. Stnaley
New Britton, Conn

C.E. Van Velck
Orange Park