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Duval County Medical Society Hundreth Birthday 1853-1953

          Membership Roster of  1953 Jacksonville Florida
 Neil Alford    
Samuel J  Alford
Risden T Allen
J L Allgood
Augustus E Anderson
Horace M Anderson
Archie J Baker
Robert M Baker
Roy Maynard Baker
Donald M Baldwin
Carl J Baumgarten
S James Beale
Gerhard T Beck
George E Beckman
Sullivan G Bedell
Jesse H Belyeu
Marcus B Bergh
C Ashley Bird
John B Black
J Lunsford Boone
James L Borland
Frederick H Bowen
Jack H Bowen
Charles W Boyd
Lee E Bransford, Sr.
Lee E Bransford, Jr.
Harry L Brillhart
Henry I Broadstreet Jr
William H Brooks
E H Brown
J Brooks Brown
John R Browning
James M Bryant
Edward Canipelli
Joseph Canipelli
Archibald F  Caraway
Evison L Carefoot
Cornelia M Carithers
Hugh A Carithers
Doris N Carson
Clause L Carter
Gerard F Carter
T Z Cason
Charles G Chaplin
Benjamin Chapman
William H Chapman
Joseph L Chilli
Robert H Cleveland
C C Collins
C C Collins, Jr
Clyde M Collins
Adolph Cone
Charles Dudley Cooksey
Silas M Copeland
Francis A Copp
Wayland T Coppedge, Jr.
Joseph Coudon
John S Cowdery
George M Carvey
George W Croft
William C Croom
Eugene H Cummings
Joseph K David, Jr
Samuel M Day, Jr
Russell H Dean
S D Doff
Simon E Driskell
Lucien Y Dyrenforth
Ray O Edwards
Stanley Erwin
Joseph Farrington
John D Ferrara
Thomas S Field
John J Fisher
Joel Fleet
Joseph D Foley
Frank L Fort
Eugene M Frame
Ben T Franklin
James V Freemanm
Irvine K Furman
Jack Galin

Julian E Gammon
Leonard Garten
Willard R Gatlin
L E Geeslin
Hardy Dean Gillispie
John M Gorman
A Judson Graves
Ralph N Greene
Vernon T Grizzard
Sidney Halpern
Karl B Hanson
Arthur Lawson Hardie, Jr
Albert V Hardy
Grace C Hardy
O E Harrell
Tyndall P Harris
W G Harris
D F Harwell
John W Hayes
Charles F Henley
Graham E Henson
Cecil M Hogan
Phillip W Horn
H Foxworth Horne
William H Houston
Victor A Hughes
Floyd K Hurt
Paul F Hutchins
Gordon H Ira
Thomas M Irwin
Ivan Isaacs
Edward Jelks
Crowell W Johnston
Marvin Harlan Johnston
Denton Jones
Millard F Jones
Nathaniel Jones
A A Kartsonis
Frederick C Keisling
Raymond R Killinger
F Gordon King

Raymond H King 
Jerome Knauer, Sr
Samuel R Lamb
William E Lamb
James C Lanier
Joe Ellis Lanier
E E Leitner
Camillus S L'Engle Jr
Janet Leser
Louie Limbaugh
Thomas H Lipscomb
Samuel S Lombardo
John F Lovejoy
Joseph L Lowenthal
Edward W Ludwig
James G Lyerly
Eugene F McCall
Bernard J McCloskey
Marvin V McClow
Charles F McCrory
William H McCullalgh
H Bernard McEuen
R L McDaniel
Richard W McDowell
Robert B McIver
Charles F McKay
Charles B Mabry
Milton C Maloney
Wm S Manning
A McKenzie Manson
Lillian Mark
Otis Marshall
Paul H Martin
W H Mathews
R M Mein
Thomas Wilson Meldrum
Carl C Mendoza
J Webster Merritt
Ernest B Milam
George M Mitchell
John H Mitchell
Leonard M Moe
M C Moore
Bernard L Morgan
Kenneth A Morris
A Sherrrod Morrow
Mathew E Morrow, Jr. 
Seymour Morse
Thad  M Moseley
Nelson A Murray
H A Nevel
J Harold Newman
Melvin Newman
Robert K Nichau
John K Norwood
Aaron Z Oberdorfer
John C O'dell
Frederick Oetjen
J H Owens
Thomas M Palmer
Lorenzo Parks
Harry A Peyton
W J Phelan
Bryan J Philips, Jr
Floyd L Pichler
Rothwell C Polk
Morris A Price
Harper L Proctor
Leo B Provinsky
Robert B Ragland
George L Raybin
Frances E M Read
Ferdinand Richards
George W Richardson
Shaler Richardson
Thomas Griffin Ritch
Wade S Rizk
E D Roach
Earl H Roberts
C Burling Roesch
 W W Rogers
Clarence D Rollins
Mason Romaine III
Albert D Rood
John B Ross
William E Ross
Robert G Rosser Jr
Jacob V Safer
Louis M Sales
F H Schnauss
Douglas G Scott
E Thomas Sellers
Ernest P E Senstak
C M Sharp
W McL Shaw
Eugene D Simmons
Richard G Skinner
Frank G Slaughter
Lauren M Sompayrac
Wilson T Sowder
John T Stage
Walker Stamps
Wm. M Stinson
J Harold St. John
Sidney Stillman
George M Stubbs
Wilber Sumner
Max Suter
G Dekle Taylor
H Marshall Taylor
J C Taylor
Leo G Temple
R Y H Thomas Jr
John Q U Thompson
Richard P Thompson
Wray J Tomlinson
Gary E Turner
Lockland V Tyler
Daniel R Usdin
W. A. Van Nortwick
Ernest W Veal
Frederick J Waas
Leo M Wachtel
Clayton B Washburn
John E Watson
Edward C Watt
Nathan Weil Jr
Carl H Wells
Samuel M Wells
Donals White
Clarence R Wilcox
Louis A Wilensky
J A Wilhelm
Albert H Wilkinson
Ashbel C Williams
J Frank Wilson
Jonathan H Wood
Bartram F Woolsey
Richard A Worsham
Robert S Wynn
George A. Smathers


                                                THE VOLUNTARY PLAN VERSUS COMPULSORY

ONE of the major problems which physicians of Florida faced in the 1940's was that of so-called socialized medicine. Politicians stringing along with the new deal were almost fanatical in their fight to establish an ideology that most members of the medical profession contended un-american. Senator Claude Pepper from Florida was in the vanguard of those eager and even determined to establish the principles of socialized medicine. An orator of outstanding ability, Senator Pepper used the radio and widely read publications to spread his teaching throughout the length and breadth of the nation.

On November 18, 1948 Senator Pepper and Dr. Frank G. Slaughter, chairman of the public relations committee of the Florida Medical Association, met in Jacksonville to debate the question: "Should Congress Enact Compulsory Health Insurance Legislation?" Sponsors were members of the Jacksonville Junior Chamber of Commerce. Each speaker handled his subject well; the sparks fairly flew.

Senator Pepper was invited to present his views before the Duval County Medical Society. He made an interesting and persuasive talk on the night of February 2, 1949. The members of the Society, their wives and guests listened to him attentively, and courteously. Following his presentation there was a minimum amount of discussion.

In the final portion of the long fight, members of the medical profession in Florida, south, north, east and west, fought with a will and were ably supported by the Woman's Medical Auxiliaries to the County Societies and state association.

Result of Primary Election, May 2, 1950: Pepper: 319,754; Smathers: 387,215.


                                                  THE   SOCIETY  IS   FOUNDED

ON the evening of May 25, 1853, physicians of Jacksonville met in the office of William  J. L'Engle, organized an association and named it the Duval County Medical Society. Dr. John S. Murdoch was elected president, Dr. W. J. L'Engle secretary, and Dr. Richard P. Daniel treasurer.

Dr. A. S. Baldwin, a leader of the small medical group in Jacksonville at that time, was largely responsible for the founding and organization of the society. Drs. Baldwin, H. D. Holland and J. G. Dell also became charter members.

The Duval County Medical Society, first and only medical society in Florida for two decades, thus was born in the Republican Building on Bay Street at the Southwest corner of Market on May 25, 1853. Founding of the Florida Medical Association, for which the Duval County Medical Society was largely responsible, did not take place until 21 years later.


Duval Medical Center                  St Lukes Hospital
Saint Vincents Hospital                    Baptist Hospital
John Gorrie            Joseph Y Porter
John P Wall                        R P Daniel
                                                John S Murdoch                                                                               A S Baldwin
                                        C J Kenworthy                                                                           R P Daniel
                           A J Wakefield                                                                                                   Columbus Drew
                         J H Livingston                                                                                                                                   Neal Mitchell
                         G Troup Maxwell                                                                                            Sollace Mitchell
                              Henry Bacon                                                                                     P J Stollenwerck
                                            Paul C Perry                                                                                     S A Morris
                           John D Fernandez                                                                         Robert H McGinnis
                              N A Upchurch                                                                                              J D Love
                                   Horace R Drew                                                                                Gerry R Holden
                                            C E Terry                                                                                      Wm S Manning
                       Charles L Jennings                                                                                    Henry Hanson
                         Clarence M Sandusky                                                                           James H Pittman
                           Wm  Macdonnell                                                                                      Frederick J Waas
                          Mark B Herlong                                                                                               James V Freeman
                        Norman M Heggie                                                                                                Frederick Bowen
                                 John E Boyd                                                                                          James B Parramore
                        Shaler Richardson                                                                                          Herman H Harris
                           Louie Limbaugh                                                                                                       S E Driskell
                               Edward Jelks                                                                                                       H Marshall Taylor
                     Luther Holloway                                                                                                      Robert B McIver
                             J Knox Simpson                                                                                                Theodore Croft
                           E Thomas Sellers                                                                                                       W M Shaw
                            Kenneth Morris                                                                                                    Lunsford Boone
                          Thomas Buckman                                                                                                     Charles Mabry
                                 S R Norris                                                                                                       Ernest Milam
                                   T Z Cason                                                                                                            J G Lyerly
                           James M Bryant                                                                                                      Frank L Fort
                            L Sydnor Laffitte                                                                                                     John A Beals
                  Raymond R Killinger                                                                                                 James L Borland
                           Charles Henley                                                                                              Ferdinand Richards
                           W W Rogers                                                                                                    Karl Hanson