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Famous Hotels of Old Jacksonville

Kloeppel Hotels

Robert Kloeppel came to this country from Germany in 1905, a penniless immigrant who spoke little English. He worked in a sawmill, rail yard and a ship yard, 
then as a mechanic. He studied at night and became a lawyer. Then opened a law office in the Flagler Hotel. In 1919, he bought the hotel.
In 1926 he bulit the George Washington Hotel. Robert Kloepppel then bought the Mason Hotel and renamed it The Mayflower, and purchased
the Roosevelt Hotel.He became Florida's leading hotel man. 

1936          Tampa Florida                                  1951

Windsor Hotel, Jacksonville Florida

 Built in 1875, the Windsor Hotel attracted adventurers and statesmen visiting eastern Florida or making stopovers before traveling deeper into what was then the vast wilderness of the South.

 In 1901, the Windsor Hotel burned down in a fire that ravaged most of downtown Jacksonville. The proprietors of the hotel set out to reconstruct, and bought out the neighboring

 land where the St. James once stood.They sold the land on condition that it would not be used for construction of a competing hotel.The Windsor Hotel was demolished in 1950 to

 make room for a parking lot. In 1955, I. Morris, vice president of Cuyahoga Wrecking Co., told the St. Petersburg Times that the hotel had held the strangest treasure he'd ever found during a 

 demolition: a subterranean room filled with illegal whiskey.





     1903                                                        M. Maloney             1904                         1905                                        Emily E Lee           1905                     Glenda Jaques      1906
                                                                                                         Kingsbridge, New Jersey                                                                        Southington, Connecticut                  Providence, Rhode Island


 E.E. Briggs                           1906                    E.S. Fricket
           1906                   Walter S. Hill           1907            Evelyn Cockrell        1907                    Nita Wells    1907   
                                                              Georgetown, Massachusetts                   Hyde Park , Vermont                     Washington, D.C.                               Scarsboro, Georgia               
H.M. Aldridge                        1908               R. E. Corman            1911                                      1913                             W. Osner                   1915             Sara Thayer              1916        
Boston, Massachusetts                               Kansas City, Missouri                                                                                   Grand Haven,  Michigan                           Olsego, New York
Harry S Robbins       1920                Lillian M Riker           1931             Arnie Meyer                
Auburn, Massachusetts                        Caldwell, New York                       Oakland, New Jersey

George Washington Hotel 
The George Washington Hotel was built in 1926. The hotel was a 14 story building located on West Adams Street.
The hotel was closed in 1971 and demolished in 1973.

F.A. Balak                              1932            Muriel Moore                      1940                                                                                                                                                                 
Grosse Pointe Park ,Wayne County, Michigan                 New Orleans, Louisiana

Hotel Jefferson
The Phrase that Pays    1954    
New York, New York

The Carling Hotel
This was a 13 story hotel that opened in 1926, owned by Dinkler Hotel Company and named after Carling L. Dinkler.
In 1936 the name was changed to The Roosevelt. In 1963 a fire broke out and killed 22 people.The hotel
was closed in 1964. In later years it was reopened as a retirement community apartments.

Hotel Roosevelt
Became the Hotel Roosevelt in 1936, Closed in 1964
Charles Poole               1941
New Bedford, Massachusetts
The Grand View Hotel
The Grand View Hotel was built in 1883 and located on Forsythe Street.
Hotel was sold and opened as the Hotel Virginia in 1912. From 1941 to 1969
The hotel was known as the Gregg Hotel. Demolished in 1974.

The Shamrock Hotel

Westmoreland Hotel

De Soto Hotel
The De Soto Hotel was located at the Park Street Viaduct. Remodeled in 1919, It operated from
1921 until 1966. Demolished in 1977.

Park Hotel

St. Albans Hotel
                                                                  N.A. Ruggins   1943
                                                                       Lakeland, Florida

The Everette Hotel 
Purchased in 1881. Survived the fire of 1901                                                  
 Edith Swartz             1908                               J M  Whipple         1913                                                                                                               
 Buchanan, Michigan                                   Elgin, Illinois

The Duval Hotel
The Duval Hotel opened in 1893 and was one of the few buildings to survive the Great Fire.


 Phoebe Sebring    1905            Levi G. Copeland     1906        Will Harste          1910          Lucy  Bennink   1911
                                                                                              Thomaston, Maine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The Aragon Hotel
 Francis Vauclaui   1907       Niley Paylor 1909         Helen Schlafe 1911       A. L. Mar1911             Ethel M Blanchard   1913 
 Swarthmore, Pennsylvania   Laurissburg, North Carolina    Cleveland, Ohio           Huntington, Indiana          Orange, New Jersey
     1914                                   J.B.Shaw          1918         Inez Clark             1919                1921                              R.G.Uhl        1947     
                                                                                        Blairstown, New Jersey                                                   Lake Worth, Florida

 R. G. Uhl        1948                  
Lake Worth, Florida                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Hotel Seminole
The Seminole Hotel was designed by Henry Klutho and was located at the southeast corner of Forsyth and Hogan Streets.  The 10-story building was built in 1909, 
and the doors opened to the public on January 1, 1910. remained in operation until September 14, 1967. 
 It was eventually demolished in 1974, and today a mulit-level parking garage sits on the site of the once-handsome Klutho masterpiece
                      1912                                 D.S. Ayer  1912                      A.J. Brown          1912                Frank Brown 1931               James Young            1938
  New Haven, Conn.                               Worcester, Massachusetts           New York                              E. Lynn, Massachusetts         Ashville, North Carolina
M. Robison                1943 
Borger, Texas 

Hotel Albert


  Mabel Barker    1924  
  Norwood New York                                                                                                            .
Hotel Andrew Jackson


Hotel Windle
The Hotel Windle was located at 17 East Forsyth Street and extended all the way back to Adams Street.  It was one of the first hotels of any size rebuilt after being destroyed by the Great Fire of 1901. 
 Work on this new hotel started on June 23, 1901.  It was opened for business later that same year. (H. and W.B. Drew Company.) 
 The Hotel Windle consisted of two buildings - a three-story building on Forsyth Street and, directly behind it, a six-story building that faced Adams Street.  
 The hotel operated for more than 60 years before being torn down in 1962.



   F. L. Perry            1919             Hattie Morse  1934              Lester Cox
   Orlando, Florida                 Kingsland, Georgia           Edenburg, Pennsylvania
William John McAllen
South Jacksonville, Florida 

Hotel Flagler

Glenn Glass                       1936            Gilbert Abelein    1942              Maida Blanchard
Cameron, Illinois                                   Sima, New York

Hotel Burbridge
Opened in 1911
J.C. Sailor                     1912               C.R. Wilber             1919         W.L. Alexander                 1933     H. Christian             1940 
Cissna Park, Illinois                            Rhode Island                            Atlantic City ,New Jersey                 Richwood, Virginia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Hotel Seneca

Ambassador Hotel
The 310 West Church Street Apartments (also known as the Ambassador Hotel) is a historic site located at 420 North Julia Street in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. On April 7, 1983, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.  It opened as the upscale 310 West Church Street Apartments in 1924. After twenty years of use, it was converted into a hotel. Its name subsequently changed several times: it was the Three-Ten Hotel in 1944, the Hotel Southland in 1947, the Griner Hotel in 1949 and in 1955, the Ambassador Hotel.  Over the years the hotel fell into disrepair as Jacksonville's downtown went into decline. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, but this did not significantly improve its fortunes. It was converted into a low-rent single room occupancy, with rooms rented by the week. It closed in 1998. 


Hotel Mason
J.D. Boger                        1914         Floyd Reynolds    1914                         Mary Woodma 1917         John Schoullz               1925

Charlotte, North Carolina            Albany, New York                              South Hanover  Massachusetts      Michigan


Hotel Mayflower

J. Navas                      1931                                                1939             L.M. Cox                 1956
Pennsylvania                                                                                                  Orlando, Florida

 Hotel Floridan



 Osceola Hotel



St. James Hotel

Built in 1869, perished in fire of 1901.

Charles Brown           1909
Middlefield, Ohio


Hotel Victoria



 The St. Cloud Hotel



Atlantic Hotel



Hotel Virginia



Talleyrand Hotel


Gilbert Abelein     1942

Lima, New York


The Waltmae Hotel



Martha Washington Hotel

Built in 1911. Became a Hotel for Women only 

in 1938. Was a Hotel until 1977.