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Hemming Park

The area was established as a public square in 1857 by Isaiah Hart, founder of Jacksonville. After Hart's death in 1861 and the end of the Civil War, the Hart family deeded the land to the city for $10. It was first known as “City Park”, then “St. James Park” after the grand St. James Hotel was constructed across the street in 1869.  The following year, another major hotel was built across from the park.  The area was renamed Hemming Park in 1899 in honor of Civil War veteran Charles C. Hemming, who placed a 62-foot tall Confederate monument in the park in 1898.  Hemming was born in Jacksonville and made his fortune in Colorado Banking.  The memorial is the oldest in the city and was the tallest at the time.  During years past, the park contained bandstands, fountains, comfort stations and buildings for the Tourist & Convention Bureau. Presidents, political candidates and visiting dignitaries have greeted citizens at this central site.  During the 1960 presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon both gave speeches at Hemming Park a few hours apart on October 18.  President Lyndon Johnson also delivered a speech in Hemming Park on October 26, 1964.

Alma Prevatt    1908                    Elsie Prevatt      1910                       John McCulloch  1979
Seville, Florida                             Seville, Florida                                    Prestwick, Scotland




W. L Kitts                      1906    Anna P Rolland      1906       Celinda Jaques        1906      Blanche Stephens       1907    Ada Boggeshall     1907                                          Arlington, New Jersey              Massachusetts                    Providence, Rhode Island           Water Valley , Mississippi           Summit , New Jersey                                                                                                              

Ada Willis                      1908             1908                              Annie Genovar 1908               Emily Whittington 1908           Marguerite Ball      1909
Crystal River, Florida                        New York, New York             St. Augustine, Florida       Atlanta, Georgia                      Medfield, Massachusetts
Agnes Palmer           1909        Evelyn Daniel         1909            Fino Eliza Emery                  Rita Jones                 1911     Louis H Giele       1911
Newton, Pennsylvania                  Saluda, North Carolina      Mexico, New York                 Forest Glen, Indiana                  Jersey City, New Jersey   



Laura Curling                1912          Ollie Gillespie  1912         Fred Hadelmeyer       1912    Carrie Ashenbaugh 1913      W. Osner                   1915

Portsmouth, Virginia                     Chrissville, Alabama           Bunnell, Florida                     New Brighton, Pennsylvania     Grand Haven, Michigan 

H.B. Baldwin              1916     Anna Coombs         1919         Mary Coates        1920          Alan Millett              1926                                      1926
Salem , Massachusetts           Maine                                                     Wisconsin                       Devonport, England                                                                 

Pauline Chapman          1934   Matilda Strayline      1937     Waldo  Hodgman      1937         Ellen Doane             1939  Richard Lemont        1942
East Hartford, Connecticut            Wyoming, New York        Methuen, Massachusetts              Winthrop, Massachusetts    Cedar Rapids, Idaho
                            1944                   Olive Thompson     1945     Melvin White            1953    Minnie Brazor             1955                    J.W. Robbins
                                                    Haverhill, Massachusetts      New Philadelphia, Ohio            Battleboro, Vermont               W. Louverville, Massachusetts