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Memorial Park

Memorial Park lies nestled between Riverside Avenue and the St. Johns River. In 1918, the Jacksonville Rotary Club proposed the idea for a park to honor the 1200 Floridians who perished in WWI,
and the City purchased the property in 1919. Thirty-one civic groups worked in planning and raising funds for the park, which was dedicated Christmas Day, 1924. 
The park soon became the scenic focal point of Riverside. Designed by the renowned Olmsted Brothers firm, the park features the bronze sculpture Life, 
created by the celebrated Charles Adrian Pillars (1870-1937). A local resident for 26 years, he also created Florida's two statues residing in National Statuary Hall 
at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. In 1986, Anne Freeman founded the Memorial Park Association, which along with the City has worked steadfastly to restore
and preserve this historic landmark, particularly after a tornado devastated the grounds in 1997.

Ruth Wilhelm           1928                                     Virginia Bradshaw            1934    S J Telley       1938                                      1938                     Benjamin Jones                  1938
Roanoke, Virginia                                                  Atlanta Georgia                          Osceola  Nebraska                    Medford, Massachusetts            Huntington, New York
  Norman Carpenter       1938             Laurie Eisenhaurer       1944          Rose Struyk               1946                      T.R. Comeau       1947              Fay Randle  1942         
                                                                     Penacock, New Hampshire       North Haledon, New Jersey              Ware, Massachusetts                       Baltimore Md.                            

 The Faces of Jacksonville in World War I
                                         (right) Dr. Paul Howard Martin, American Expeditionary Force and The Medical Corps