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Jacksonville Beaches Tourist PostCard 1940's

JACKSONVILLE  BEACHES-World's Widest, Whitest Beaches

Jacksonville Beaches in Duval County, Florida -the shores of which were Ponce De Leon's first sight of the American continent in 1513, are composed of five separate municipalities, located approximately 18 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida over four-lane highways of the famous Atlantic Boulevard. These nationally known beaches offer every opportunity for fun. frolics, and healthful, zestful living.

PONTE VEDRA—Located southmost of all of these fine beaches is the gay colorful playland of all northern Florida, with a beautiful golf course, internationally famed as "One of America's Six Finest Courses." The Women's Southern Golf Association, the Southern Amateur, the Southeastern P. G. A., Florida's State Men's and Women's Championships have been decided here. These links were awarded the Ryder Cup Tournament for 1939, later being canceled on account of European hostilities. Sweeping, carefully tended fairways are bordered by the great lagoon which runs almost the entire length of the course, greens  are satiny smooth and high tees afford a beautiful view of the Atlantic on one side and the gray green foliage of the Florida jungle on the other.

THE INN, noted for its true Southern hospitality is open year 'round at this beach, and colorful cabanas are also available for guests. You'll treasure every golden, sunny moment here from morn until duskwith limitless beach sports ... all weather tennis courts provide a perfect playing surface, and archery, mo-skeet-o, croquet and pitch-putt offer ample opportunity for non-strenuous exercise.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH—Located 3 miles north of Ponte Vedra, was first named Ruby Beach, later to be called Pablo Beach, and in 1925 to become Jacksonville Beach, has the distinction of showing the largest percentage increase (771.9) of any city in the state of Florida in the last decade.This beach city which was settled more than a half century ago, is a pioneer Florida resort; it has been entertaining summer visitors for 50 years, and has now become the ideal spot for year 'round residents.A boardwalk which extends four blocks on the ocean front provides an endless variety of entertaining, amusing  and educational concessions as modern rides and roller-coaster.A smooth 600 ft. beach where hundreds of automobiles glide noiselessly along, and a volunteer live-saving corps, one of the best in the United States, has a 25 year record for keeping the safety of the thousands of bathers who romp in the surf daily, at a peak.Fishing in the surf or from the pier where the whiting, drum, sheepshead, flounders, bluefish,   trout   and   other   varieties   are   caught,   is   a popular sport.

NEPTUNE BEACH Which adjoins Jacksonville Beach to the north, is noted for its beautiful homes where year 'round residents enjoy the advantages of the beaches with homes protected by the same 15 ft. sea-wall which originated here, but now runs the entire length of all the beaches.This town enjoys all maintenance facilities provided by its own municipal government, and has shown outstanding progress in recent years.

ATLANTIC BEACH—Located northernmost of the five beaches on the Atlantic Ocean was first incorporated in 1925 and re-incorporated in 1929. As a highly restricted residential community operating under a "Zoning for residential purposes" law, it possesses all of the natural beauty of northern Florida.

MAYPORT BEACH Located northwest of the other beaches on the St. Johns River is a fishing village which is nationally known. Here, one may charter boats by the day, hour, or week, and the fishing possibilities are limitless. These fishing boats accommodate from 5 to 50 people, and no mere "Fish Stories" are the tales that are told of the outstanding "catch" here at this historic little village, for the captains of the boats, as well as many old-timers have proof of the popularity of this sport by the thousands of visitors who return yearly to enjoy the hospitality and unexcelled fishing opportunities offered at this quaint old Florida town.

The U. S. Navy Carrier Base at Ribault Bay is located at the mouth of St. Johns River near May-port, and Ribault's Monument erected in honor of Jean Ribault who landed here in 1562, and offered the first protestant prayer which was ever uttered in the United States, is standing now within a mile of Mayport, to the southeast.

FIVE BEACHES—These five unique beaches are only overnight from New York City by train, six hours by plane.

They are convenient to quaint St. Augustine, historic Fernandina, cosmopolitan Jacksonville, and the giant oceanariums of Marine Studios, as well as to the beautiful Ravine Azalea Gardens of Palatka.

Jacksonville Beaches Chamber of Commerce is located in City Park, Jacksonville Beach. This wide awake civic organization operates an information and registration bureau and is eager to answer all questions regarding the Beaches mailed to this office.