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Jacksonville & Company Cookbook

 By The Junior League of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville, florida


Chairman                                                                        Drema Houchins Farmer

 Co-Chairman                                                                Harriet Talley Beardsley

Design                                                                            Monett Powers Kent

Co-Chairman                                                                 Langhorne Kirill Stoneburner

                                                                                        Elizabeth Donegan Daniel                             

                                                                                        Meredith Mori Mason

Entertainment Section                                                  Cornelia Covington Smithwick

Editing                                                                            Winifred Wootton Booher

Herb Cooking                                                                Sara Carver Frazier

Marketing and Promotion                                            Susan Shanklin Threlkel

                                                                                        Patricia Igoe Hannan 

                                                                                        Ann Davis Baker 

                                                                                        Susan Herbertson Adams

Recipe Solicitation                                                       Susannah Davis Sands

Sustainer Committee                                                    Annette White King

                                                                                        Barbara Home Arnold

                                                                                        Ann James Doswell           

                                                                                        Carol Hart Kohlhaas       

                                                                                        Linda Crank Moseley    

                                                                                        Margrett Yallalee Rennard 

                                                                                        Patricia Portman Sanow 

                                                                                        Sally Holcomb Surface 

                                                                                        Winifred Sessoms Wootton

Testing                                                                           Karen Guernsey Johnston

Co-Chairman                                                                 Cindy Brocato Lobrano

Advisors                                                                        Carol Blume Baumer

                                                                                         Tillie Kidd Fowler

                                                                                          Alice Jones Stanly

Wine Consultant                                                              Benjamin G. Bell,

                                                                                          Master Knight of the           

                                                                                          Vine Professional, 

                                                                                          Professional Sommelier Guild

Artist                                                                                  Gail Spratt

                 The Junior League of Jacksonville, Inc. extends sincere appreciation to all

               who submitted recipes. We regret that we were unable to include all of them

                              because of similarities and lack of space.

                                   A Venetian Masked Ball

                                             to benefit 

                               The Cummer Gallery of Art

                                      Bay Scallops en Coquille* 

                                          Grigliata de Mansa

                                            Sauce Bearnaise

                             Snowpeas with Water Chestnuts*

                     New Potatoes au Caviar* Gingered Carrots*

                                            Croissants Ricotta

                                    Strawberries au Chocolat*


            Pouilly-Fuisse      Chateau Batailley Pouillae Bordeaux

                               Domaine Chandon Brut Champagne

Costumed heralds and a trumpet fanfare greet guests at the Gallery entrance. 

Under banners of Venetian blue and gold depicting the winged lion of Venice,

guests are presented with plumed and sequinned masks. Through formal gardens 

and over a replica of the Rialto Bridge, they make their way to a glittering tented 

barge, scene of a lively auction to benefit the museum. A seated dinner is held in 

the permanent collection galleries, where moire’ cloths of burgundy, hunter green, 

Vene­tian blue, scarlet or gold cover round mirror-topped tables. Mirrored pedestal 

centerpieces hold plumed masks and clusters of rubrum lilies with ribbon streamers. 

White candles, white napkins circled with gold ribbon and gold-bordered 

Tiffany place cards complete the table settings. 

After dinner, guests return to the floating tent to dance late into the magical evening.

                         A Holiday "Spanish Gold"                          


                               to benefit

                    The Jacksonville Museum

                        of Arts and Sciences

                      Caviar Egg Ring* with Assorted Crackers

              Cold Blanched Vegetables with Arnold's Hollandaise Sauce*

                    Assorted Hard Rolls and Soft Cheeses

                   Boiled Shrimp and Crab Claws

                   Watermelon Basket with Melon Balls and Strawberries

                                        Guava Dainties*

                              Bourbon Fruitcake Cookies*

                                  Luscious Squares*

                                White Spanish Rijoa

Celebrating an extraordinary exhibit of Spanish gold salvaged from 

ancient shipwrecks, the evening reflects the romance of Spanish

treasure fleets which sailed the Florida coasts centuries ago. 

The long cocktail table draped in gold lame is laden with giant 

clam shells filled with cold vegetables and sauce. Shell-shaped 

lucite pieces serve as additional containers. Sand sprinkled 

with glitter is spread on the table, and at each end a large fish bowl 

holds shells, jewelry and gold coins. Candles bum in conch shells. 

Nearby a small dinghy overflows with crab claws and shrimp on 

cracked ice. The arched windows are decorated for Christmas 

with gold-swagged wreaths and poinsettias, and a towering tree

 is hung entirely with gold ornaments and shells sprayed gold. 

Spanish classical music enhances the feeling of ancient splendor and romance.

                                         A Russian Christmas Evening

                                            to benefit  

                                   The Jacksonville Art Museum

     Whole Poached Salmon with Horseradish Sauce* and Dill Sauce*

        Toast Points with Black Caviar, Sour Cream, Finely Chopped

                             Onion and sieved Hard-Boiled Egg

                               Stolichnaya Vodka on Ice

                    Crab Rangoon* with Hot Mustard Sauce*

                               Russian Chefs Stroganoff* with Buttered Hoodies

                              Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes*

                     Salad of Bibb Lettuce and Mandarin Oranges Vinaigrette

                                                 Hard Rolls

                                   Miniature Individual Cheesecakes* 

                                                  Praline Cookies*

Guests arrive through a waterfall of miniature lights covering the tall glass 

facade of the museum. Tall, heavily flocked, lighted trees create the spirit 

of a Russian Christmas inside. Heightening the wintry effect, snow-covered 

branches form arches leading into the exhibit of antique Russian costumes. 

One gallery is reserved for the traditional hors d'oeuvres served each year at the benefit: 

Russian vodka, salmon and caviar. Three tables covered in white linen hold the iced 

Stolichnaya bottles, thin vodka glasses, smoked salmon and toast points and 

caviar surrounded by crystal bowls of garnish. Another gallery serves the buffet 

from a silver-covered table bearing massive candelabra with white candles. 

The centerpiece is a topiary of white chrysanthemums flanked by 

two Imperial swans on a lake of mirror, circled with green foliage.

                                      Antique Show

                                          to benefit

                          The Jacksonville Wolfson's

                                Children's Hospital

                            Marinated Shrimp*

            Frosted Artichokes with Caviar* and Melba Toast

                            Crustless Quiche*

                     Assorted Fruits and Cheeses

                   Roast Lamb with Herb Mustard*

                                Souffleed Com*


                  Sour Cream Crescent Rolls*

                            Kahlua Mousse*

          Mosel Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett 

                Rhone Chdteauneuf-du-Pape

At the entrance to the exhibit hall, a red carpet and massed red 

and white poinsettias welcome patrons while lighted ficus trees 

and palms glow alongside. Folding mirrored panels reflect the 

light and color around them. Clustering around the intimate vignettes 

of antique exhibits are huge lighted holly and ficus trees anchored in 

tubs wrapped in foil. Dinner is served from long tables draped in 

silver mylar and covered with mirrored panels. Each table holds 

arrangements of white gladioli and red anthurium lilies in tall glass cylinders. 

Crystal candlesticks hold white candles.

                   Symphony Pops French Country Picnic

                                    to benefit

                  The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

                               The Pate

                        Assorted Cheeses

                     Bread Sticks      French Bread

                       Lime Chicken with Melon*

                           Artichoke-Rice Salad*

          Buttermilk Orange Cupcakes with Fresh Orange Sauce*

                                Pecan Tart*

               Beaujolais      Loire Valley Anjou Rose

A French country picnic begins early on a summer evening with cocktails 

in a terraced garden beside the St. Johns River. Pate in stoneware pots, 

cheeses and French bread in baskets are served with refreshing wine 

spritzers made of white wine and club soda and garnished with slices of lime. 

The light breeze from the river tugs at the round tablecloths of blue cotton 

overlaid with blue, coral and white paisley cotton scarves. The tables hold

terra-cotta hens filled with white baby's breath and low candles in terra-cotta saucers. 

Guests gather around each table to serve themselves from picnic baskets packed 

with entrees for eight. These baskets from the farmer's market are lacquered white 

and hand painted with blue forget-me-nots. Blue cotton napkins line the baskets 

and set off simple white picnic ware. As the music begins, the guests settle at the 

tables to enjoy their "moveable feast" in the cool evening air.

                 Dinner Dance by the Riverside

                              to benefit

           The American Cancer Society

                     Shrimp with Mayonnaise Dressing*

                           Zucchini Frittata*

              Party Sandwiches with Vidalia Onion Spread*

                    Assorted Fruits and Cheeses

                 Fillet of Beef with Port Butter*

                     Amelia Island Rice*

                       Marinated Broccoli Ring*

                       Hard Rolk with Butter

                       Meringues Pistachio*

          Miniature Cream Cheese Tarts with Cherry Sauce*

                      Bourbon Balls*

             Concannon Sauvignon Blanc     

              Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon

Pots of coral and pink begonias, maidenhair fern and illuminated ficus trees 

highlight the entrance of the house and lead the guests to a white tent

opening onto the banks of the St. Johns River. Hundreds of balloons

 in rainbow colors form an archway into the tent and hang in clusters in each corner. 

Placed around the dance floor, the skirted tables match the balloons in shades of 

lavender, salmon, yellow and turquoise. Pots of salmon amaryllis fenced by pussy

 willow stems sit on a base of galax leaves centered on the table tops. Inside the house, 

dinner is served from a long mahogany Sheraton table. Twin Chinese cachepots rest 

on circles of mirror; between them, galax leaves and white quince are reflected 

in a mirrored square. Guests return to the open tent for dinner, music and starlight dancing.

                            Oyster Roast Celebrating

                          The Florida-Georgia Game

          Mosquito Lagoon Duck Breasts* with Bearnaise Sauce

           Twelve Bushels of Oysters (to serve fifty)

         Cocktail Sauce, Melted Butter, Saltine Crackers

              Amelia Island Brunswick Stew*

                      Georgia Coleslaw*

                  Swiss Cheese Cornbread*

            "The Sisters" Bourbon Pound Cake*

            Louis Martini Chardonnay      Imported Beers

Each fall the Florida-Georgia football game is played in Jacksonville. 

A favorite way to celebrate—or to offer consolation—after the game is with a 

traditional oyster roast. Outdoors in the cool November air, the celebrated 

Florida oyster is served both roasted and raw. The oyster tables are set 

carefully to accommodate the succulent seasonal feast. Long tables wrapped 

with butcher paper are equipped with galvanized buckets from a hardware store. 

These are filled with oyster gloves, oyster knives and forks. Stacks of tin pie pans 

hold the roasted oysters and small buckets are filled with melted butter, cocktail 

sauce and crackers. The main buffet table wears natural burlap and holds a 

pair of shiny tin pails filled with bronze chrysanthemums and dried herbs. 

Candles of varying heights are grouped around the pails. Cinnamon, brown 

and beige bandannas tied with dried corn husks are heaped alongside tin plates. 

Brunswick stew and coleslaw are served from shallow galvanized buckets 

and hot bread is wrapped in bandannas and served from a huge flat basket. 

A bonfire warms the evening.

                            Brunch Before the Gator Bowl Game

                             Bloody Marys with Celery Sticks

                              Frozen Bourbon Sours*

            Crab Swiss Rounds*      Sausage Filled Mushrooms*

                      Egg and Artichoke Casserole*

                 Smith-field Ham and Southern Biscuits*

     Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes with Watercress Mayonnaise*

                        Fresh Fruit in Grand Marnier Sauce*

                           Kentucky Butter Cake*

                            Ruth's Coffee*

                          Asti Spumante

In late December the Gator Bowl Game brings together top-rated football teams 

for a spirited contest in Jacksonville's Gator Bowl. A traditional way to prepare for 

the sporting event is with a sumptuous brunch on the morning of the game. 

Setting the stage for the party and lending a carnival air, two red balloon topiary trees 

flank the entrance. To make the trees, balloons are tied together to form rounded shapes, 

attached to wooden dowels wrapped in florist tape and inserted in earth-filled white 

ceramic pots. Two clusters in graduated sizes are tied to the same dowel to increase the

 illusion of topiary trees. The earth around the pots is covered with deer moss. 

Over the round indoor buffet table, skirted in red patent vinyl, hang multicolored

 helium-filled balloons. The table is set with clear lucite, glass and white enameled 

serving pieces. Silverware is wrapped in red and white striped ribbon and the bar is 

made festive with red plastic ice buckets tied with clusters of balloons.

                            Luncheon on the Terrace

                                at Ponte Vedra Beach

                          Potage Cressonaire*

                 Seafood and Pasta Salad Pescara*

                          Beans with Dill Sauce*

                              Onion Roll

              Meringues with Strawberries and Custard*

                        Rhone Tavel Rose

Southeast of Jacksonville lies magnificent Ponte Vedra Beach, its white sands 

stretching across miles of unobstructed view, an ideal setting for an oceanside luncheon. 

A round table draped in salmon cotton is set with blue and white Canton porcelain 

on capiz shell mats and salmon and white napkins wrapped in white shell rings.

A simple glass bowl filled with coral in delicate shades ornaments the table. 

The soup course served from a Canton tureen begins a relaxed and unhurried 

luncheon overlooking a dazzling sweep of beach.

                                       Cookout Supper Before

                                       the Tournament Players


                                           Shrimp Butter* with Melba Toast

                            Chicken Shish Kabobs* with Pineapple

                                                 Herbed Rice*

                                         Spinach Salad Mold*

                                            Poppy Seed Pastries*

                                        Fresh Coconut Torte*

                                   California Johannisberg Riesling

The Tournament Players Championship golf tournament is played each spring

near Jacksonville at the Tournament Players Club, home of one of the world's 

most challenging golf courses. The Tournament begins a whirlwind week of casual 

entertaining. The mild spring weather in northern Florida is perfect for a cookout 

overlooking the rolling fairways of the TPC course. The table is set with dark green palmetto 

leaves for placemats. Napkins in shades of orange, yellow and hot pink are tied with 

palmetto fronds. Plain white china is in pleasing contrast to the centerpiece of multicolored 

gerbera daisies arranged, as if planted, in a basket filled with deer moss and long shoots of 

variegated spider plants which trail down the table. Orange candles in hurricane lamps flicker 

over the tropical setting.

                                                     Dinner by the Dunes at Sawgrass

                                                 Cold Zucchini Soup*

                                               Quenelles Superior*

                                                   Broccoli Souffle*

                                           Mandarin Orange Salad*

                                                French Bread

                                               Crepes Floridian

                                Puligny Montrachet      Hanns Komell, 

                                        Sear Trocken Champagne

Sawgrass, named for the windswept dune grasses which grow along its beaches, 

is one of Florida's most beautiful resorts. Located 19 miles south of Jacksonville 

and set in 4,800 acres of unspoiled North Florida terrain, Sawgrass offers excellent 

golf, tennis, sailing, swimming and fishing. Dinner begins as the sun sets behind 

the magnificent dunes of South Ponte Vedra Beach. The glass table is set with 

antique Majolica serving pieces, their rich color accented with green Heisey glass 

plates and pale yellow mats and napkins. A large straw basket in the center is filled 

with two full green cabbages and cream hydrangeas. Votive candles, wrapped in 

hydrangea leaves and tied with yellow ribbon, light the evening on this serene Atlantic beachfront.

                                    Galley Supper en Route to  

                                           St. Augustine

                                       Blue Crab Soup*

                            Seasoned Arabic Bread Wedges

               Roast Beef Salad with French Mustard Dressing*

                             Fresh Apple Pound Cake*

                             Pears Poached in Wine*

                    California Korbel Brut Champagne

St. Augustine, Florida, our nation's oldest city, lies south of Jacksonville. 

A favorite way to reach this historical city is by sailing or cruising down the 

Intracoastal Waterway, enjoying supper on the way. As the simple but delicious 

fare is served, egrets fly low over the marshes and a breeze ripples the water. 

Brightly-colored, plastic-coated paper plates and bowls, matching napkins, 

heavy plastic forks and spoons and lucite serving pieces make the meal both festive and carefree.

                                                      Tennis Luncheon

                                       at Amelia Island

                       Chilled Shrimp with Saffron Dressing*

                                 Vegetable Pasta Salad*

                                 Spinach Stuffed Onions*

                              Unbelievable Garlic Bread*

                                Famous Mint Iced Tea*

                                    Cold Lemon Souffle*

                          White Graves, Chateau Olivier

Amelia Island, named for the daughter of King George II more than 200 years ago, 

lies 30 miles northeast of Jacksonville. The southernmost of the large Atlantic Barrier Islands, 

Amelia is the home of Amelia Island Plantation, a beautiful resort surrounded by towering 

sand dunes, giant live oaks and tidal marshes. Luncheon on this picturesque island calls for a 

setting in the brightest of colors. Under a white tent, round tables are covered with cream sailcloth 

spatter-painted with lavender, coral, pink, green, yellow and turquoise. Single pots of cascading 

coral impa-tiens center each table. The buffet table is skirted in cream sailcloth and a short overcloth of 

lavender. Paired glass globes filled with coral gladioli spash the table with color. Coral impatiens spill 

out around the bases of tall palms in Italian terra-cotta planters. Tent poles, wrapped in brown crepe 

paper with enormous palm fronds and crepe paper flowers attached to their tops, create the tropical 

illusion of dining under palm trees.


                                         Spring Luncheon on the

                                          Banks of the St. Johns

                        Cold Snapper Mold* with Assorted Crackers 

                              Gourmet Beef Salad Vinaigrette*

                                 Feta Phyllo Squares*

                             Aunt Em's Strawberry Shortcake*

                             Buena Vista Heritage Chardonnay

Jacksonville blooms in April when the azaleas burst into color and provide a perfect setting 

for an outdoor luncheon. Each table, spread with a colorful handmade quilt, displays a centerpiece 

of folk art, wooden watermelons, small painted boxes and decoys. Placed among these treasures 

are small pots of trailing ivy and spring flowers. From a bleached pine sideboard on the patio, 

food is served in stoneware crocks, Shaker boxes and primitive bowls. An old wooden tool box holds 

pewter forks and cotton napkins in a variety of solid colors matching those in the quilts. 

An antique copper boiler is filled with wine on ice, and mountain-made oriole baskets hold 

arrangements of wild flowers and baby's breath.


                                    English Country Dinner

                             Shrimp Pate* with Melba Toast

                              Asparagus-Cheese Canapes*

                                    Devonshire Pie*

                         Tomatoes Stuffed with Summer Squash*

                         Bibb Lettuce, Spring Onions and Parsley   

                                  with Golden Dressing*

                                        Fluffy Rolls*

                               Brandy Alexander Pie*

                                      Chablis Premier Cru     

                              Chateau Gloria a St. Julien Bordeaux

The timeless charm of the old South is reflected by the Mandarin countryside. 

The majestic oaks and hanging Spanish moss provide the serene setting for this 

summer dinner. Creating an English pastoral scene on the polished wood of a 

Queen Anne table, a pair of small ivy topiary trees flank an antique Chelsea rabbit tureen, 

porcelain animals, shepherds and shepherdesses. Heavy Sheffield silver plates and 

antique flatware are arranged on cream lace placemats for a seated dinner. 

Cream napkins are tied with sprigs of ivy and four silver candelabra with 

cream candles light the scene.

                                         Fall Game Feast

                                Boursin Stuffed Mushrooms*

                Grilled Quail and Dove* with Cumberland Sauce*

                         Wild Rice with Fresh Mushrooms*

                             Orange Avocado Toss*

                                     Dill Muffins*

                       Chocolate Ricotta Cheesecake*

                            Cote de Beaune Village

The arrival of the crisp fall air heralds the hunting season in Northeast Florida, 

and a traditional game dinner celebrates the hunter's bounty. A rustic pine buffet table

 sports a handsome pair of game birds, fashioned of brass and ostrich eggs and slender 

brass vases filled with colorful feathers. Beside square teakwood plates, a vine basket is 

filled with paisley napkins in tortoise-shell rings. Horn and brass candlesticks light the feast.

                               Gala Holiday Dinner

                             Yogurt Cucumber Soup*

                             Shrimp with Creole Mustard*

            Chicken Breasts and Artichokes in Champagne Sauce*

                            Fancy Baked Tomatoes*

                                 Mushroom Salad*


           Frozen Grand Marnier Souffle with Hot Strawberry Sauce*

                          Alsace Gewurztraminer     

                   Piper Heidsieck Brut Champagne

                             California Reisling

The long dining table of glass and verd antique marble is set with point de Venice lace mats 

and napkins ringed in silver. Famille Rose bough pots placed at each end of the table are filled 

with sprays of tiny white orchids and rubrum lilies. Candlelight from a pair of 

18th century French ormolu girandoles reflects in the mirrored wall behind the buffet. 

The mirror is framed with swags of green plaid taffeta tied in large festive bows at the ceiling 

with streamers reaching to the floor. The table, Famille Rose plates and burnished silver sparkle 

with celebration and holiday spirit.

                                           Blast-Off Party

                             Stellar Cheese Spread Sandwiches

                                     Mixed Fruit Salad 

                        Rocket Ship Cake and Ice Cream

                                     Milky Way Drink

Heralded by invitations written on old fashioned paper airplanes the party promises a "blast-off" into space. 

Deep blue paper tablecloths are spread on the floor ready for decorating. Little guests armed with 

white and yellow chalk and foil star stickers gather around in groups to design their own outer space tablecloths. 

Above them balloons bearing the names of planets and large foil stars hang suspended from the ceiling. 

When the tablecloths are ready and spread on the tables, lunch is served in "flying saucers" made from 

two aluminum pie pans filled with lunch and then taped together. "Stellar sandwiches" are created with star, 

crescent and round cookie cutters. The rocket ship cake is made from a sheet cake. A rectangle using

 two-thirds of the sheet forms the body of the rocket. Three triangles cut from the remaining one-third form 

the cone and the two fins. The cake is then iced in dark blue and white. The milky way drink, hot chocolate 

with marshmallows, completes the menu. Favors are frisbee "flying saucers'.'

                                              Second-Hand Rose Party

                                        Heart-Shaped Canapes

                               Tea Cakes, Cookies and Petit Fours

                                              Assorted Nuts

                                               Fruit Punch

The "Second-Hand Roses" arrive ready for a grown-up tea party. Awaiting the little ladies is a room 

full of trunks overflowing with boa wraps, old furs, sequinned dresses, veiled hats, fans and long gloves 

gleaned from the attic and local thrift shops. With this collection of finery and long mirrors, the guests create 

their own costumes. Talented mothers arrange each child's hair with ribbons and bows and silk flowers. 

Thus attired, they gather at the tea table laid with a white pique ruffled cloth and a bouquet of 

pink sweetheart roses. With Mother as maid and Dad as butler, the serving begins with punch ladled 

into cups of fine china. Tea cakes and cookies are passed on silver trays and instant snapshots are 

taken of each guest to make the day a truly memorable occasion.

                                           Circus Party

                                   Clown Hat Sandwiches

                                  Carrot and Celery Sticks

                                   Pink Lemonade 

                                  Circus Parade Cake

Clown hat invitations made of construction paper announce that the circus will be coming to town 

to celebrate the hon-oree's birthday and that many clowns will be needed. The children arrive and enter 

the "big top" made of crepe paper streamers. The ends of three wide streamers are gathered together 

and taped to the center of the ceiling; the opposite ends are fanned out over one quarter of the ceiling, 

draped slighdy and fastened. This is repeated three times to tent the room. Helium-filled balloons and 

felt pennants complete the circus theme. The children's faces are made up as clowns and they choose 

from a basket of assorted clown hats. With rhythm band instruments and lively marching music, they join 

in a circus parade. Refreshments are clown hat sandwiches made from triangles of bread decorated with 

raisins along the bottom and marshmallow "pom poms" at the point of the "hat!' The birthday cake is an 

iced sheet cake bordered with a "parade" of animal crackers overlaid with "bars" of icing and life savers 

for the wheels of the "cages!' The cake is cut so that each child receives a "caged" animal. Each clown 

receives a favor of a sand bucket filled with peanuts or popcorn.