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Lee Traveler Jacksonville florida

December 19, 1956  Jacksonville Florida

Top: Audroy Bahr, Mary Noble captains of the Powder "Head Coach" Mrs. Kitty Brocket!; Jeannie Gregory, Kathryn Cole, captain of the Puffs.

Bottom:  Cheerleader for  tonight's  feminine fray.

Back: Sam Caruso, Guts Hendricks, Ronnie McGinnis, Sue Johnston,

Dwight Bailey,  Welcome  Shearer,  Linton  Taylor.

Front: David  Baker, George Aldrich,  Richard Zorn, Allen Deloach,

Dudley   Johnson,   John   Tomason,   Kindred   Scott,   Bill   Ade,   Dale

Basset, Billy Shoaf, Sandy Wood.

The Puffs, headed by Capt. Jeannie Gregory and Co-Capt. Kathryn Cole, ore victory hungry and seeking revenge for last year's beaten Puffs. The Powders, headed by Capt. Mary Noble and Co-Capt. Audrey Bahr, not to be outdone, will strive with every type of football strategy known, to defeat the Puffs.

Mrs. Kitty Brockett sponsor of the Senior Girls' Club, has overseen all plans for this annual classic. Staying each afternoon until the last girl has left the practice field, Mrs. Brockett deserves a gold football.

Head Coach of the Powders, Clayton Pickets, when asked how he felt about the game, quickly stated, "This is the hardest thing t have ever done, but I think we can win."

John Donahoo. head coach of the Puffs, seemed to be sure of victory when he stated. "If the girls keep up their spirit and remember everything we have taught them these past  few days, we will win."

The assistant coaches have really "had" it. Powder coaches, Don Howard. Jim White, and Fred Lawrence, and the Puff coaches. Porter Motley. Doug Davis, and Jerry Davis, have tried to instill the girls with football tactics.

The managers of the Puffs. Carol Spencer, Sally Elmore, and Gloria Santora; and Powder managers. Martha Bedell, Sandra Kelly, and Sarah Ellis, also have had their hands full.