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Elvis in Jacksonville 1956

Elvis Presley at the Florida Theatre Jacksonville Florida   August 1956

Elvis in discussion with Judge Marion Gooding . Jacksonville Fl August 1956

10-11 August. Jacksonville, FL. Florida State Theater (3 shows per day)
Elvis appeared at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL. Juvenile Court 
Judge Marion Gooding warned Elvis in chambers after the first show that 
he must tone down his act. Elvis told reporters 'i can't figure out what 
I'm doing wrong'. Elvis modifies his show nonetheless, wiggling his little 
finger suggestively with a gesture that replaces some of his less restrained 
body movements and at the same time still drives the audience wild.

Elvis performing at the Florida Theatre Jacksonville Fl  August 1956

Elvis backstage at the Florida Theatre, Jacksonville fl   August 1956

Screaming fans during Elvis performance. Florida Theatre, Jacksonville 

Elvis fans waiting for the box office to open at the Florida Theatre, 
Jacksonville fl 

In a local record shop Steve Shad shows his Elvis moves. Jacksonville Fl

Baptist preacher Robert Gray denounces Elvis In Jacksonville, FL The 
controversy over Elvis' sex appeal reached its Zenith during the summer of'56, 
when Elvis arrived in Jacksonville for a series of performances. 
The Reverend Robert Gray held a prayer meeting at Trinity Baptist Church. 
There he informed his teenage flock that Elvis Presley had "achieved a new 
low in spiritual degeneracy. The teens were then instructed to bow their head
 and pray for Elvis. The Reverend Gray died one week before he was to 
stand trial for molesting several girls while he was a pastor.
Elvis later confessed frustration at the Baptist preacher's actions.
 "I think that hurt me more than anything else at first 
This man was supposed to be a religious leader, yet he acted that way without
 even knowing who I was or what I was like," said Presley. "I believe in the Bible. 
I believe that all good things come from God. I don't believe I'd sing the way
 I do if God hadn't wanted me to. My voice is God's will. not mine."