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Photos From Jacksonville Susquicentennial Calender 1972, Jacksonville Florida

Employees of  C.B.Rogers Co. , corner of Bridge ( now Broad ) and Bay Streets, 1899, Youth at left was known as "the Hogans Alley Kid"
Jacksonville Florida 

The new hook and ladder, 1912 Jacksonville Florida

The " Three Friends" captained by Napoleon B. Broward Jacksonville Florida

Construction of the jetties at Mayport in the 1890's, Jacksonville Florida

Artists impression of the french expedition arriving at the River Mai, (St. Johns)in 1564 Jacksonville Florida

Wooden ships under construction during World War I Jacksonville Florida

Klutho Co. movie studio in Springfield during Jacksonville's film making era about 1916, Jacksonville Florida

A Sunday afternoon at the beach 1932  Jacksonville Florida

A horse Drawn " wagonettte" used as a school bus in 1898 Jacksonville Florida

Schooner awaiting cargo of Jacksonville lumber 1890's, Jacksonville Florida

Men carrying a yellow fever victim to St. Lukes Hospital in 1888 Jacksonville, Florida

St. James Hotel in the 1880's  Jacksonville Florida