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Bludwine (later named Budwine) is a brand of cherry-flavored soft drink and flavored syrups that was originally produced in the United States by the Bludwine Company and Bludwine Bottling Company. The Bludwine Company was founded by Henry C. Anderson in spring, 1906. Bludwine Company produced the master elixir in Athens, Georgia, and various Bludwine Bottling Company locations processed the elixir into syrup and bottled soft drinks prepared from the syrup. The syrups were also shipped to and used at soda fountains as an ingredient to add flavor to various beverages. In 1911 Bludwine was marketed as having health benefits, such as aiding in digestion, and some physicians in Athens, Georgia and other areas of the state prescribed it to their patients. The brand's name was changed from Bludwine to Budwine in 1921. Production of Budwine stopped in the mid 1990s.

Photo from 1943 at the Hotel Roosevelt, the Patio Grill
and Terrace Room, Jacksonville, Florida

Savings Bank from the Barnett Bank
Jacksonville , Florida

Calendar  1940 from Washington National Insurance Co. 
Jacksonville, Florida

Sewing kit from Independent Life Insurance
Jacksonville, florida

Thermometer from Estes-Krauss Funeral Home
Jacksonville, Florida

Dime Savings Book 1950's

The above Florida Store milk bottle was produced by the Owens Illinois Glass Company in 1944 at Clarion, Pennsylvania. 

Some areas adopted the Universal Store Bottles. These bottles could be sold in stores by any dairy using the bottles. 

This universal bottle eliminated the sorting of bottles according to individual dairies.

Bottle from the Dixie Bottling Works Jacksonville Florida

Laurens Glass Works 1963

Nugrape  Dated March 6,1920

Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Coach Company  1945-1972

Replaced by Jacksonville Transportation Authority