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Monticello Drug Company Jacksonville Florida

The Monticello Drug Company was founded by Tharp Spencer Roberts. Mr. 

Roberts became a registered pharmacist in December 1898. He purchased 

an existing drug store in Jefferson County , Florida called the Monticello 

Drug. After practicing as a pharmacist in Monticello Florida, he began a 

partnership with his brother, Thurston Roberts and a doctor J.R. 

McEachern. They incorporated the business in 1908 and the drug store 

became Monticello Drug Company. At this time they opened a 

manufacturing office in New Orleans, Louisiana. They obtained a patent on 

a prescription known as Roberts Remedies #666.The 666 lines included 

liquids, tablets and salve. The demand for the products increased and they 

relocated the office in Monticello Florida to Jacksonville, Florida in 1912. 

Tharp S. Roberts died in 1946. The business has been family owned and 

operated for over 100 years. The company is currently under the direction 

of his great — grandson Henry E. Dean, III.