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The Krause Sisters

Edna and Lula Krause were local teachers that taught school at West Riverside Elementary. They were also the authors of " From Pines to Skyscrapers". 
An informative book on the history of Jacksonville.
The following is a short biography, along with pictures and excerpts from their book, published in 1955



Edna Virginia Krause and Lula Jennings Krause are sisters, residents of Florida. Their parents moved to that state from North Carolina shortly after the turn of the century. Educated in Jacksonville, and having taught in public schools there for a number of years, they are familiar with Jacksonville's history and are proud of its phenomenal growth from small city to metropolitan area. Many of their happiest recollections of sites visited and incidents experienced are recorded in From Pines to Skyscrapers.

The sisters received identical educational courses in Jacksonville Junior College, George Peabody College and Stetson University. From Teachers College of Columbia University, New York — attended in deference to their father's Knickerbocker ancestry — they took degrees of B.S. in Childhood Education, M.A. in Educational Administration, and Professional Diploma in Childhood Education.

While still carrying on their work, Edna and Lula Krause have moved, in recent years, to historic Mandarin, overlooking Florida's St. John's River. Here, on land made beautiful with century-old oaks, cypress and long-leaf pines, they have their home and enjoy raising azaleas, camellias, and citrus fruits.

                                                                             In Appreciation

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the following friends for their helpful suggestions, contributions of historical materials, and personal experiences which have enriched the materials presented in these stories:

Miss Florence L. Hughes, former Principal of West Riverside School; Mrs. Iva T. Sprinkle, Superintendent of Public Instruction for Duval County; Mrs. Margaret McGill, Supervisor of Elementary Schools for Duval County; Dr. C. E. Anderson, Director of Instruction for Duval County; Miss Nettie E. Brogdon, Coordinator, Bureau of Curricular Aids for Duval County;

Hon. John T. Alsop. former Mayor of Jacksonville; Hon. Haydon Burns, Mayor of Jacksonville; Mr. James A. Austin, Sr.; Judge Criswell; the late Miss Margaret C. Fairlie, author of the History of Florida for Children; the late Mr. T. Frederick Davis, author of History of Jacksonville and Vicinity; Mrs. T. Frederick Davis;

Dr. Stephen T. Harvin. Minister of the South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church; Mr. and Mrs. Earle Jones; Mr. George W. Simons, City Planner: the late Mr. John L. Hall, former City Tax Assessor; Mrs. John L. Hall, whose family was among the early residents; Mr. Norman C. Edwards, Sr., Realtor;Judge Charles Miller, Municipal Court Judge; Rev. E. B. McGill; Mr. Benjamin S. Weathers, who gave valuable material on the yellow fever epidemic, the Jacksonville fire, and Jacksonville's growth; Mr. Joseph H. Riggs, Vice-President of the Florida National Bank; and Mr. James C. Craig, Florida Times-Union.

We also wish to thank the following organizations for their helpful contributions:

The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce; The Jacksonville Ministerial Alliance; The Jacksonville Historical Society; The City Commission and the City Council, for valuable information in the Jacksonville yearbooks; The Jacksonville Terminal, for information on train service; The Council of Social Agencies, and the South Jacksonville Presbyterian Church Office for materials on Jacksonville church histories and welfare.

—EDNA VIRGINIA KRAUSE                                                            




Flags Over Jacksonville

Flags of many countries have waved over the land where Jacksonville now stands. These included the Spanish, French, English, and American flags. During the War between the States the Confederate flag waved over it, too.



                                                 Jacksonville's  Own Flag

"Did you know that Jacksonville has a flag of its own?"

"Here is an oil painting we made of it. This picture was painted from the original flag which belonged to former Mayor John T. Alsop. For many years the flag was kept in his office in the City Hall. One day he lent it to us to use in a program about Jacksonville's One Hundredth Birthday Celebration. We painted the picture for the boys and girls."

"The flag was designed by Mr. G. D. Ackerly. The field of the flag is white. A brown gateway is in the upper left hand corner. A green pennant runs through the gateway. The word Jacksonville is printed in large letters on it. Two red and green poinsettias are to the right of the gateway. The seal of Jacksonville is in the lower left-hand corner."