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Views of Jacksonville

St James Hotel Jacksonville Florida
Orange Groves Jacksonville Fl.  -  S.S. Cherokee, Clyde Line  New York & Jacksonville
Everette Hotel Jacksonville , Florida
Court House Duval County, Jacksonville Fl
Live Oak Tree  Jacksonville Florida
City Park,  Jacksonville, Fl
Bay Street , Jacksonville Florida
Arter Building , Corner of Bay & Hogan Street  Jacksonville. Fl
Law Building, Corner of Forsyth and Market Street  Jacksonville Fl
Mc Conihe Block Bay Street  Jacksonville , Florida
Trinity Church  M.E. Church   Jacksonville Florida
Live Oak and Spanish Moss,   Jacksonville Florida
Street view of Jacksonville, Fl
Artesian Well  - Water Works, Jacksonville Florida
Old Freedmans Bank Building,  and Hubbard Building  Jacksonville , Fl 
Carleton House
St. Lukes Hospital
Dr. Mitchells Residence                   The Moody Residence     Jacksonville Fl 
Windsor Hotel  Jacksonville Florida
Jacksonville Florida