Abstract of Title to Riverside Jacksonville Florida 1892 Page4


           77. Dated Nov. 16, 1846.
                            LAST WILL OF JAMES WINTER..
Residue of my property, real and personal, I give and devise to all my children who
 may survive me, to be equally divided among them, share and share alike, and if
 any one of my children now living should die before me, having children, my desire
 and intention is that the latter should take one share in such division as the 
representatives of their said deceased parents. 6th. I hereby nominate, appoint, 
constitute my sons, Robert Winter and James Winter, executors and trustees of 
my daughters.
78. 78. Order  granting Letters   Testamentary to   James Winter, dated and filed February 23, 1857.
79. 79. Letters Testamentary granted James Winter, February 23, 1857.   Filed same date.
80. 80. "D" 10.   Order appointing Aristides Doggett, administrator de boninone, September 29, 1875.
81. 81. Letters granted Aristides Doggett, February 4,1877, "B," 276.    Oath dated and filed February 4, 1877.
82. 82. Petition of Fred. Van Souten for letters of guardianship of Samuel A. Winter, a minor, March 20, 1857.
83. 83. Order granting letters of guardianship, March 9, 1857
84. Letters granted Fred. Van Souten, March
85.  Affidavit of guardian, March 16,1857.   
86. Bond in sum of $7,000.00, dated 
March 16,1857, filed same date and 
approved same date.
Bond of administrator, James Winter, in the sum of $1,000.00, filed and approved April 6, 1857.



87. Chancery, "3," 340, Aug. 18, 1874.

             S. A. Winter,


         Miles Price, et. al.

Ordered that sale of real estate in bill of complaint mentioned be set aside as null and void, that 

plaintiff is an heir-at-law under will of James Winter, and is entitled to one-eighth of following lands: 

one-eighth of Dell's Bluff tract, above Jacksonville, on west side of River St. Johns, containing 

800 acres and other property. Further ordered that said one-eighth of said land be ascertained and 

set off to said Samuel A. Winter, and that the sum of $335.00 received by plaintiff from defendant Miles Price, 

be returned to said Price. Defendant to pay $337.15 costs of this suit.

88. "12," 789, June 17, 1889.

             John M. Forbes,


 August Buesing,

Plaintiff to recover in fee simple to viz: Beginning at stake at southwest corner of fence of defendant,

 which stake is 10 degrees east, 330 feet from a stake which stands 112 feet east of southeast corner of 

lot 2, sec. 22, T. 2, R. 26 east, thence north 13 degrees, east 468 feet to stake, thence south 87 degrees, 

east 214 feet, thence south 13 degrees, west 468 feet to corner of defendant's fence, thence north 87 degrees, 

west 214 feet to beginning, and costs $6.80.

(This is in the Quit Claim Deed to B. & S.)


89.    15 Florida Reports, 66.

               Price, et. al.



Samuel A. Winter brought suit in Circuit Court for Duval County., vs. Miles Price, et. al., to test the 

validity of Commissioner's Sale as to his interest, he being a minor at the date of sale (see entry No. 139.) 

The sale on appeal to the Supreme Court was held valid

I certify that I have carefully compared the foregoing Abstract of Title with the records of

 Duval County, Florida, at your request, and that all liens affecting the instruments as

 mentioned to be duly recorded, and that all liens affecting the title to said property are

 herein set forth, as well as all tax titles.

I pronounce the titles good in Messrs. Brigg & Smith, Trustees.

(Signed.) W. B. OWEN,

July 20th, 1892. Attorney.