Duval High School Class of 1927, Jacksonville, fl

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The History of Duval High School

By Ethel Partridge

Fifty - one years ago, in a small, unpretentious school of one room, located on Duval Street between Laura and Hogan, was laid the foundation of a high school, destined to have a glorious career. Today, in 1927, Duval High School stands as one of the best high schools in the South. Its fame has traveled far, not only as a scholastic institution of creditable records, but as an athletic center of unusual attainments.

The history of Duval is both interesting and impressive. It has not been made by any one person, but it is the culmination of the earnest cooperation and effort of the faculties and students from the first year of its existence, 1873, to the present one, 1927.

In 1877, the first senior class of Duval High School was graduated. There were no formal exercises, and the three graduates, all of whom were boys, received written diplomas. Mr. M. T. Swain, principal, and his assistants. Miss Treadwell and Miss Annie Wood, composed the faculty. The second class numbered five, three girls and two boys. They were given elaborate graduation exercises, held in old Polk's Hall on Hay Street. In 1886, a record class of eleven matriculated. How rapidly Duval was growing!

With the growth of Jacksonville, Duval sprang from a small one-room building to an attractive two-story brick building, located at the corner of Church and Liberty streets. This school was destroyed in the great fire of 1901. Despite the trying circum stances of the year, by using La Villa school in the afternoons, a class of thirteen was graduated. In the fall of 1902, the school began its work in a portion of Central Grammar School and continued there until the present building was completed in 1908. For the realization of this building, much credit is due the Duval High School Alumni Association. The new building, finished in 1908, at first contained sufficient accommo­dations for the students. The increasing enrollment necessitated additions, and in 192(1 the Annex was built. With the two new senior high schools to be opened next year, Duval, as the official city high school will cease to be.

Even in its earliest days, Duval enjoyed a school paper, "The Olio," prepared and read by the students. During the term, 1895-1896, the paper was printed for the first time. The initial edition was a venture, yet a step forward. The last issue of "The Olio" was published in 1897. For ten years, Duval was without a magazine to repre sent it. Through the efforts of Miss Eleanor Rawson, now a member of the faculty of Duval High School, "The Oracle" was established in 1907. Its present popularity and high standing show that it has successfully endured the test of time. Today it is recog nized as a paper of considerable merit and it is enjoyed by the students with the same ardent appreciation that was shown it in 1907.

No history of Duval High School would be complete without a mention of Mr. Rutherford, who, first as teacher, and, later, as principal, has done for the school that which can be determined by no system of measurements. The high standard of scholar ship, the enviable record in athletics, and other activities, all of which he fostered with great enthusiasm, must be named second to the ultimate goal upon which his eye was fixed, the development of strength and beauty of character in the girls and boys com mitted to his care.

The year 1927 marks the passing of Duval. The two hundred and eighty-five graduates will be the last to receive diplomas before her historic doors will close forever. The name of Duval will pass, but her vast influence and importance will be reflected in the achievements of future generations. Always its beautiful and lasting memory will serve as an inspiration—leading to the pinnacle of success in life!

R B Rutherford

King David Colson Jr

                                               The Senior Class of 1927

K D Colson Jr. , Francis Cartmel, Stuart Richeson, Ethel Partridge, Crowther Boyd, Dorothy Lee Brown
Florence Acosta, Frank Adams, Elise Allen, Rush Allen, Lassiter Andrews, James Anthony
Craig Arnold, Marguerite Bain, Harriett Baker, Donald Baldwin, Slocum Ball, Ida Balter
Albert Barker, Claude Barnes, Harry Batts, Sullivan Bedell Lawrence Berlack, Ruth Beutenmiller
Mary Lewis Blalock, Hallie Blitch, Margaret Blum, Crowther Boyd, Margaret Breese, Lawrence Brizard
Charlotte Brock, Martha Brodmerkel, Dorothy Lee Brown, Julia Bryan, John Bryson, Shannon Burch
Lorene Butler, Robert Byrnes, Hazel Campbell, Helene Campbell, Virginia Campbell, Harvey Capps
Maurice Capps, Robert Carson, Francis Cartmell, Carl Cesery, Eugene Chastain, Helen Clark
Lois Cleveland, Helen Collins, K D Colson,Jr., Jim Colyer, Sadie Conner, Helene Cooke
J R Cordell, Edward Cornely, Aline Cox, Flo Coxwell, Eurleen Coyle, Helen Crabb
Pauline Crews, Claude H Cribbs, Cora Crooks, Corinne Cureton, Almyra Davis, Margaret Davis
Norton Davis, Albin Dearing, Martha DeBorde, Ruth DeBorde, Richard DeVane, Basil DeWitt
Morris Dixon, Bertha Mae Dowling, Adeline Downey, Grace DuPree, Cora Dyal, William Edelman
Evellyn Edmondson, Oscar Edrington, Charles Edwards, Virginia Elton, Celia Engler, Bessie Evans
Sam Farris, George L Fenters Jr., Malvern Finkelstein, Elizabeth Fiske, Margaret Fitch, Anna Fowler
Madeline Fox, Rose Freidlin, Evelyn Fretwell, Isadore Furman, Hattie Gaines, Elizabeth Gallespie
Sarah Gannon, Harry Gardner, Byron Gasque, Edwin Gay, Foster Goddell, Albert Goodwyn
Fred Granger, Arthur Gunn, Edward Haddad, Evelyn Haines, Arlene Hall, Dail Harris
Suzanne Haughton, Emmarena Hazard, Roberta Head, Ethelyn Hedstrom, Elwood Hemming, Anna Henry
Sarah Higginbotham, Marjorie Hirons, Gerry R Holden Jr, Clara Houser, Hatten Howard, Alma Howell
Prentiss Huddleston, Jack Hughes, Rebecca Hunt, Lois Hutson, John Goodin Imeson, Gertrude Ingle
Margaret Irwin, Ruth Ivory, Grace Jefferies, Billy Jenkins, Earl Jessup, Leitner Johnson,
T H Johnson, Annabelle Jones, Le Roy Jones, Ruth Jones, Dick Judy, Lanier Keefe
Dorothy Kemps, Walter Granville Kidwell, Wanda King, Evelyn Kirton, Lula Krause, Harry Lamont
Lillian Land, Martha Laudercack, Janie Lee, Larry Leman, Lloyd Lewis, Martha Linning
Arthur Lipscomb, Stuart Lockhart, Florine Logue, Archie Love, Robert Lowery, Mildred Loznicka
Edna Lutz, Nancy Lutz, Ralph Lyle, Maurice Mandel, Mildred Mathews, Alfred Matthews
Ernest Maxwell, Olna Maxwell, Eloyce Mayo, Donald McArthur, Hazel McCance, Roby McClellan
Olin McCollum, Alvin McCranie, Gladys McCredie, Jack McKinnon, Lawrence Miller, James Mitchell
Ralph Mizrahi, Anona Moore, James Moore, Florence Mott, Jacob Mumma, Lorraine Mundorff
Amanda Munsch, Catherine Mynihan, Isabelle Mynihan, Florence Nabin, Wertz Nease, Tom Neff
Catherine Neu, Arthur Nichols, John Nichols, James Nolan, Edward O'Hara,, Dorothy Ossinsky
Anne Emeline Overstreet, Emmett Owens, Ethel Partridge, Fred Patton, Willie Mae Payne, Eugene Peacock
Ruth Peacock, Thelma Perry, Doris Phillips, Richard Pittman, Margaret Pomeroy, Edith Preston
Myron C Prevatt, John Randolph, Merle Ransone, Fred Charles Reaves, Carolyn Reichard, Emma Rennie
Bernice Richardson, Stuart Richeson, Harold Riffe, Suzanne Ritz-Woller, Sarah Roberts, Julia Roe
Norman Rogers, Mable Ropp, Irwin Roth, Goldie Rubin, Thomas Russell, Janet Rutan
Anna Safer, Louise Scott , W J Seay, Dixie Sheftall, Amy Simpson, Joseph Skipper
Elizabeth Slade, Lena Smedley, Josephine Smith, Revecca Smith, Faran Snedeker, Ralph Snyder
Lauren Sompayrac, Lucy Stanley, Jean Stein, Alice Stevens, Edna Mae Stine, Lillian Stuart
Franklin Stull, Dana Summitt, Gene Taylor, George Tedder, Frances Thames, Raymond Tompkins
Maurice Tousey, Dorothy Tracy, Elizabeth Turner, Velma Wade, Alma Wall, Geraldine Walsh
James McBride Warren, Ruth Washburn, Allison Watts, William Weller, Martha Wells , Orville Wells
Anne White, Annette White, Ashbel Williams, Herbert Williams, Louise Williams, Sarah Williams
Willie Dee William, Ethel Mae Willis, Katherine Wilson, Kenneth Wing, Harvey Rice Worthington, Gladys Yenawine