Duval High School Class of 1910, Jacksonville, Fl


                                     Roster of Glass of 1910

Motto—Esse Quam Videri.

Flower—White Carnation.

Colors—Blue and White. Officers.

President—Paul D. McGarry.

Vice-President—Mac Christie.

Secretary—Myra Gray.

Treasurer—Neil Jones.

Mascot—Louie Limbaugh.

Frank Adams,         Martha Lowenstein

Cora Acosta,           Frank Milam,

Julia Seville Lacy Mahon, 

Julian Brown Harold Marvin

Mattie Bryan Paul McGarry

Will Chandler Eva McTimmons

Sadie Chappelle      Eleanore Moller

Mac L. Christie Roy Nickerson

Esther DsSaussure,  Jene Nolan
Norman Eastmore   Helen Palmer
Grace Frain      Alta Pride

Pattie Frost              Benning Sinclair

Myra Gray             Edward Smith

Ruth Harris     Emma Spinning

Wallace Harris     Lillie Thompson

Ruth Hay      Beulah Turner

Forrest Hyde     Myrtle Turner

Helen Jahn         George Weinbarg

Hal Johnson     Ora Wigfield

Myrtle Johnston      Abbie Wilson    
Neil Jones      Mae Wilson

Louie Limbaugh     Vivian Yeiser  

Edith Livy

Cast your visionary organs with care on the list above depicted and you will become familiar with the names of the Class of 1910—the first class for the past nine years, that has not been "naughty."

It is—but, wait, it no longer is; but is now an organization of the past—a class of individualism and spirit, working in unison; so much so in fact, that a feeling of fraternal affection permeates the ethereal zephyrs, whenever they congregate. Class of 1910, here's to you!


Paul McGarry, Mac Christie, Neil Jones, Myra Gray,Louie Limbaugh, Frank Adams, Cora Acosta, Julia Beville
Julian Brown, Mattie Bryan, Willie Chandler, Sadie Chappell ,  Esther Desaussure, Norman Eastmore, Grace Frain, Pattie Frost
Wallace Harris, Ruth Harris, Ruth Hay, Forrest Hyde, Helen Jahn, Hal Johnson, Myrtle Johnston, Martha Loewenstein
Edith Livy, Frank Milam, Lacy Mahon, Harold Marvin, Eva McTimmons, Eleanor Moller, Jean Nolan, Helen Palmer
Alta Pride, Roy Nickerson, Benning Sinclair,Edward Smith, Emma Spinning, Lillie Thompson, Beulah Turner, Myrtle Turner
 George Wienbarg, Abby Wilson, Mae Wilson, Ora Wigfield, Vivian Yeiser

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