Class of 1910 Athletics

            Boys Athletic Association

President : Henry H. Deane
Vice President: Neil Jones
Treasurer: Harold Marvin
Recording Secretary : Leslie Johnson
Corresponding Secretary: Richard Pacetti

Without the Athletic Association, life in D.H.S. would have been
dull and monotonous the past year. Its wonderful success in conjunction with the Girls' Athletic Association has raised Duval 
into a position among the High Schools of our State which is 
greatly to be envied. Its representative teams in football and 
basketball both secured the State championship for secondary
                   Football Roster 


Touchdowns - Jones 4, Pacetti 2, Cowles 2, Acosta 1

Opposite appears a picture of the victorious D.H.S. Football team
for the season 1909-1910. The team played four games , losing not a single one.

     Young Ladies Athletic Association

President: Alta Pride
Vice- President : Charlotte Haughton
Secretary: Clella Avery
Treasurer: Marion Russell

The association was organized by Professor Hathaway about the middle of October. The girls began practicing basketball right away. 
               Girls Basket-Ball Team

Lillian White
Belle Kelly
Bessie Bagaley
Clella Avery
Emma Spinning
Lena Cohen
Charlotte Haughton
Helen Palmer
Marion Russell
Ottelia Ellis

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