Outstanding Students, Boys and Girls Clubs, & Cadets

 Sanford Mullen  
Frances Myers

P.B. Smith
James Willis
George Hills

Robin Worthington
Rose-Helen Fields
Anne McDonald

Susan Palmer
Sara Watson


                              Lee High Band  1943

Front Row: Margaret Diamond, Jackie Trevine

Second Row:Miss Rosser, Betty Redd, Mary DuPriest, Leo Depasquale, Billy MacGowan,Russell Foland, Gerry Umlin, Mildred Keene, Caroline Herman, Rugg Dodge 

Third Row: Howard Browne, Winfield Treisbock, Vivian Asky, Charles Toombs, Herbert Underwood, Virginia McCormick, Dorothy Wood, Evelyn Lewis, Jack Balfe

Fourth row: Taylor King, Richard Garth, Paul Cribbins, Doris Kissling, Frances Taylor, Francis Hutto, George Simons, Charles Wainwright

Fifth Row: Douglas Wells , Juanita Wales, Arthur Treisbock, Mary Peterson, Landon Hoyt, David Lide

                                                                                        Senior  Boys and Girls Club

                                                                                      Junior Boys & Girls Club
Mary Miller, Norman Cloud, Lee Powell, Bobby Hardage, Paul Stephanz, Steele Simcox, Frank Hoffman 
Fifi Henderson, Ann Lyerly, Mary Copeland, Jeanne Gammon, Alice Jean Mason, Ann Holloway, Gertrude  Broward 

Lester Lewis, Forbes Grace, George West,
Bill Halliman,Neal Evans, Robin Worthington, Phil May, Billy Schell, Firmin Southwell, Lester Lewis,Lowell Wooten Buddy Cadell
Richard Sugdon, Louis Gay, Bobby Reid, Edwin Rosenfield, James Kirby, Billy Reid, Ralph Vile, Billy Knight, Harry Bostain,
Charles Piper
Dan Beals, James Cribb, Eddie Bryan, Richard Henderson, Sanford Mullen, Lee Tryon, John Christopher, Harry Duffield
Zack Martin, John Rogers, Buddy Fugate,Alton Roberts, Jimmy Miller, Aaron Collier, Forbes Grace
Lowell Wooten, Aaron Collier,
Jimmy Kirby, Aaron Collier, Forbes Grace, Lowell Wooten, Billy Schell, Firmin Southwell, Buddy Fugate, Phil May, Dan Beals
Buddy Cadell, Neal Evans, Lester Lewis Edwin Rosenfield, Robin Worthington, Charles Piper

Robin Worthington, Dorothy Ann Skinner, Sanford Mullen, Harriett Kirk, Ted Benjamin, Leah Setzer, Vernon Townsend, Brownie Carter, James Kirby, Nell McNiel                                        
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