The Senior Class of Robert E. Lee High School 1954

Robert E. Lee High School Riverside Avondale Jacksonville Florida
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John Moxley, Edward Hurst, Doris Butts, Mrs. Mizell, Erma Dean Howell, Beverly Trout, Everett Crews

Rodney Brimhall, Milton Legate, Betty Jane Anderson,Mrs. Virgie Cone , Miss Dorothy Thomas
Millie Parks, Pierce Long, Maxie Waddell

James Warren, Frank Lord, Nelson McArthur, Mr. Bob Lockett
John Cavanaugh, Sidney Smith, Thomas Driggers

Shirley Grosvenor, Marilyn Shepherd, Jane Graddy, Mrs. Kitty Brockett
Nita Yarbrough, Nancy Wise, Holly Carter

Suzanne Dee Alberti 
College- Study Hall Moniter,Red Cross
Rep; Delta Y- Teens

Carl Louis Alford

Lavonia Lee Allen
Business- Powder Puff Football Game

Marlene L Amick
Business-Junior Class Reporter

Betty Jane Anderson
College- Sec Senior Class
Editor- Traveler;Student Council

Jack Ernest Anderson
General- Gamma Hi-Y;Glee

Andrew L. Anderson
College- Sgt. at Arms;Delta Hi-Y
Glee Club;Swimming; Latin Club

William Anderson
"Merry Widow" Glee Club.

Donald R. Armstrong

Catherin P. Arnold
College- Sec French Club;
Thespians:Stage Crew

Edna Jane Aspinwall
Business- Fleur de Lis; Varsity
Softball;Varsity Volleyball; Jubilee;Student Council Rep
Shirlie Marion Austin

David Samuel Baker
College- Junior Boys 
Fashion Show.

Jackie Ann Baker
General-Sigma Y- Teens
Social Chairman; Chorus;
Band; Sr. Girls Rep.

James Lowell Baldwin
General- Camera Clug;
Kappa Hi-Y

Martha O. Ballantine
General- Sigma Y-Teens;
Fleur de Lis; Powder Puff
Football Game;Varsity 
Basketball; Varsity Volleyball.

Miriam Barakat
Business- Majorette

Adrianne Barrett
General- Sigma Y- Teens
Fleur de Lis; Glee Club

Jacklyn I. Barriger
General- Study Hall Moniter

Don King Barton
College- Track; Spanish 
Club; Hi-Y

Phyliss Anne Bassett
Business- Majorette; Red Cross Rep;Y-Teen
Spanish Club; Swimming Team

Elsie Jo Ann Batton
Business- Glee Club; Band
Red Cross Rep.; Latin

Ted Dwight Bayley, Jr.
General- Glee Club; Kappa

Doris Ruth Beach 
Business- Fleur de Lis

Betty Jane Beaudrot
General- Beta Y Teens; Rainbow Girls;Powder Puff Team; Latin Club; Pep Squad

Mary Ann Becker
General- Glee Club; Beta Y-
Teens; Powder Puff Team;
Latin Club; Jubilee.

Donald Gene Bengel

Marion F. Bethea
Business- Glee Club; Y-Teens
Powder Puff Team.

Blythe Bibbens
College- Latin Club; French
Club; Thespians; Radio Guild;
Student Council Rep.

Alma Louise Bishop
Business- Glee Club; 
Majorette; Student Council Rep

Barbara Bishop

Sharon T. Blalock
General- Student Council Rep;
Spanish Club; Pep Squad;
Majorette; Rainbow Girls;

Joyce Blitchington
National Honor Society

William Blount

Samuel Bono
College- Band; National
Forensic League

James C. Bowman

Ann Marie Bradford
College-Glee Club; Fleur de

Carroll J. Brantley

Ray H Breedlove

Alton Russell Brim
General- Outstanding Graduate; Glee Club;

Rodney L. Brimhall
College- Outstanding Graduate; Pres. Senior Class; Football Mgr. ;Glee

Nancy T. Brodmerkel
General- Beta Y- Teens

Jacquelyn Browning
Business- Outstanding 
Graduate; Sgt.-at Arms;
Varsity Basketball;Student Council Rep.

Carolyn M. Bryan
General- Beta Y-Teens
Annual Rep.

Jane Buckner
College-Majorette; Classical
League; Powder Puff Team;
Student Council Rep.

Beverly J Burdick
Business- Fleur de Lis; Girls
Advisory Board.


Doris R. Burnham
General- Delta Y- Teens
Spanish Club.

Ralph Edwin Butcher

Shirley W. Butler
College-Rainbow Girls

Doris Jean Butts
Business- Delta Y-Teens
Glee Club; Pep Squad;
Mid Year Senior Class

Roy D. Calderon
Business- Study Hall Moniter

Eleanor Belle Callon
College- Jr. Classical League
National Honor Society

Earl Kenneth Cain
College- Baseball

Nancy Joanne Camp
Business- Red cross Rep.
Powder Puff Game; Jubilee

Billie Carol Campbell
College- Glee Club;French
Club;Pep Squad.

Frances Nell Carter
General- Thespians; Glee Club
Powder Puff Game.

Juan Marie Casey
General- Band
Louise Cason

Shirley Faye Causey
Business- Softball team

John Cavanagh
College- Chaplain;Treas. Senior Boys Clug;Swimming
Student Council Rep.

Barbara F. Caverly
College- Latin Club;French Club; Swimming; Home Room Rep.

James R. Chamberlain
General-Spanish Club

Hazel J. Champion

Robert A. Chancey
College- Hi-Y; Camera Club

Neil Chonin
College- Basketball; Student Council Rep.

Jo Ann K. Christensen
General- Fleur de Lis; Powder Puff Game

Joan L. Christensen

Patsy Gayle Christie
College-Sigma Y-Teens Glee Club;Red Cross

Hazel Ann Clarke
College- Thespians; Sec Radio Guild; French Play.



Betty Rose Clark 
General- Glee Club

Harry G. Clark
General- Latin Club

James C. Clark
College-Football Pres. Latin Club

Joseph Carlton Cobb
College- Alpha Hi-Y; Jr. Classical League

Sarah C. Coleman
College-Delta Y-Teem; French Club;

Earline Lee Coleman
Business- Glee Club

Katherine Coles

Hilda Evelyn Cooper
General- Red Cross Rep.
Jubilee; Annual Rep.;Glee Club.

Milton St. G. Cooper
College- Football

Elda Nona Copeland
Business- Annual Rep; Glee Club; Powder Puff Teem.

Shirley A. Copeland
General- Glee Club; The Merry

Jimmy W. Corell
College- Basketball, Baseball;
Delta Hi-Y
Juanita M. Courty 

Everett Crews
General- Calendar; Track;
Mid Year Senior Class

Gary O'Dell Crosby
General-Glee Club; Merry Widow

Barbara A. Dale
College- Pep Squad;Glee Club; Red Cross Rep.

Mary Estelle Dana

Herman J. Dance
College- Beta Hi-Y; Football; Basketball

Downie Deen

Robert Delaney
College-Annual Staff

William T. Denmark
Hall Moniter

Helio Ridley DeSoto
General-Glee Club;Thespians;

Leonard A. Dill
General- French Club; Camera Club

Carol Anne Dingman 
Business- Swimming


Philip Davis Diuguid

John Ernest Doering
Library Staff

Billy Doll
College-Track; Basketball

Michael J. Donaghy

Marion Dortch

Martha Douglas
Business-Pep Squad;Student Council Rep.;Deans Staff
Annual Rep.

Robert E. Doyle
Business- Hall Moniter

Gene Scott Drawdy
General-Football;Radio Guild;
Office Staff

Margaret Drew
College-Swimming; Treas. Fleur de Lis;Office Staff;
French Club

Tommy Driggers

Anna D. Dugger 
College-Band Junior Players

Charles R. Du Pree Jr.

Janet Irene Du Pree
Business-Student Council Spanish Club

Sam Durden

Robert Eiserman Jr.

Shirley Ann Elian
Business-Jr. Players;Thespians;Powder Puff Game.

Marcia Nell Ellis
General-Glee Club;Powder Puff Game;Home Room Rep

Mary Ann Ellis

Frances O.Ennis
Business-Annual Rep;Student Council; Powder Puff Game.

Trent R. Estabrook

Ann Louise Evans
College-Glee Club;Merry Widow;Band Minstrel;Future
Nurses Club.

Harold Lanson Estep
General-Treas. Camera Club

Mary K. Ewing 
General-Powder Puff Team

Martha Lee Ezell
General- Delta Y-Teens
Student Council; Glee Club

Ronald deMille Fell
College-Gamma Hi-Y 

George K. Fenters
College-Pres. of Junior Players

Mary K. Forrest
General- Red Cross:Glee Club

Judy Ann Franklin
General-Band;Forensic Frolics
Fleur de Lis

Carryl B. Franks

John Frederick Franz
General-Cross Country
Track; Swimming

Alfred Freidlin
College- Outstanding Graduate;Annual Staff; Business manager, Blue & Grey; quill & Scroll

Don Reid Fudge
College-Alpha Hi Y

Elizabeth Jervey Fuss
College-Sr Girls Advisory Council;Student Council.

Shirley Kay Fussell
General- Swimming, Red Cross ; Glee Club
Robert  Gardner
College- Football

Jerry Garrett

Artiena Marie Gayle
Business-Softball Team

Lyndell P. George
General-Outstanding Graduate; Captain Football;Baseball

Shirley E. Gillespie


Joyce W. Gillespie
Business- Forensic Frolics;Majorette,Pep Squad

Knox Gillis, Jr
College- Student Council

Edward J. Gilmore
General-Latin Club Vice Pres.
Beta Hi-Y Treas.

Anna Gionis
Business-Outstanding Graduate, Annual Staff;National Honor Society
Spanish Club

Annette L. Glover
Business-Band; Jubilee

Albert D. Godwin
College-Glee Club

John Rafeal Gomez
College- Kappa Hi-Y 
Pep Squad

Robert A. Gorman
College- Manager Baseball Team

Jane Craig Graddy
General-Sec Senior Girls Club

Richard F. Gray

Shirley A. Green
Business-Mascot Sr. Fellows Club

Lawton R. Green
General-Weightlifting Team;
Glee Club

William M Greene
College-Outstanding Graduate; Band 

James Fain Greene

Sarah Terry Gregson

Shirley J. Grosvenor
Business-Pres. Sr Girls Club;
Student Council.

Patsy Elizabeth Hair
General- Forensic Frolics;
Fleur de Lis.
Betty Hall
Business-Red Cross Rep.

Judith Cecelia Hall
Colege- Sr. Girls Advisory Council

Betty Ann Hammock

Michael A. Hancock
College-French Club

Lee Hand
College- Hi-Y

Barbara Ruth Hanger
College-thespians; National Honor Society

Nancy Alice Hansley
College-Jubilee;French Club;
Glee Club.

Douglas S. Harden
General-Delta Hi-Y

Joyce Hardin
Business-Student Council

Carolyn E. Harrison
General- Glee Club; Thespians

John M. Harrison
General-Red Cross Rep.

Mary C. Harrod


Posey Ruth Harvey 
College-Delta Y- Teens;Fleur de Lis; Deans Staff;Pep Squad; Spanish Club

Janice Ruth Hawker
Business- National Honor Society;Jubilee

James Frank Healey
College-Band;Glee Club

Richard L. Heines
College-Alpha Hi-Y;Swimming;Football;

Bobby F. Hendee
Basketball;Latin Club

Jackie E. Henderson

Beverly E. Henry
Business-Library Council Treas.;Duval County Library 

Sandra Jean Hicklin
General-Majorette; Pep Squad

Jane Hicks
College-Thespian;Fleur de Lis; Latin Club;Spanish Club

Ralph J. Hochman
College-Merry Widow, Glee Club;Weightlifting Team.

Barbara Ann Hodges
Business-Glee Club

Martha E. Hodges
Kenneth S. Hodges 
College- Alpha Hi-Y Treas.

Barbara M. Hogan
General- Pep Squad;Student 

Wanda B. Hogan
General- Glee Club;Student Council Rep.

Judith Helen Holmes

Dennis Daniel Hood
General-Office Staff; Spanish

Lemuel H. Hoover
College- Football;Track

Betty Faye Horner
College-Glee Club Spanish 

Martha A. Howell
College-Glee Club

Erma Dean Howell
Business-Treas. Mid Year Senior Class

John T. Howson
College-Football, French Club

Doris Ann Hudmon
Business-Glee Club

Edward Lewis Hurst 
General- Vice Pres. Mid Year
Senior Class

Mary Bailey Inabinet
General- Office Staff
Fleur de Lis.

Anis Ira
College-Thespians; Spanish
Club Annual Rep.

Betty Jane Jackson
College-Student Council
Outstanding Graduate

Nancy Jackson

Katherine F. Jarrett
Business-Fleur de Lis

Syd Jenkins

Bertha Louell Johns
Business-Glee Club Fleur de Lis.

Edward C. Johnson
Debate Club

Clemey J. Johnson Jr,

Joyce Ann Johnson
General-Fleur de Lis;Basketball;Softball
Paul M. Johnson

Patricia G. Johnson
Business- Glee Club

Wm. W. Johnson Jr
College-Spanish Club

Nancy Johnston
Staff; French Club

Beverley P Jones
College-Majorette;Student Council; Annual Rep

David Marcus Jones
General- Cross Country Team

Pat Ann Jones

Janice Louise Jordan
Business- Pep Squad

Joseph M. Jordan
College-Pres. Gamma Hi-Y
Basketball, Track

Shirley Ann Judd
College- Glee Club

Lynn F. Karsman
College- Spanish Club

William G. Katibah, Jr
College- Pres. Student Council;Football;Glee Club


Margaret B Kearns 
Business-Secretarial Training

Barbara Raye Kelly

Franklin Troy King

Georgia Dell King
College-Glee Club Travel Club

James Chester King
General-Football Basketball

Shirley Ann Kitts

Jennie K. Klicker
General- Annual Rep

Ralph Knabb
General-Track Team; Cross
Country Team

John Knolt

Florence A. Koscielny
College-Glee Club Deans Staff

Marlene E. Lackman
General-Fleur de Lis; Thespians

Ann Lacy
Jack Duane LaForge

C. Graham Laidlaw
Student Council

Dorothy L. Laumer
College-Outstanding Graduate; Radio Guild

Bobbie Lavern

Betty Joyce Lawrence

Lutrelle Lawrence
Business-Swimming;Glee Club

Vivian Louise Leach                
General- Glee Club;French Club

Frank Milton Legate
College-Vice Pres. Sr Class

Glenda V LeViner
Business-Pep Squad

Fred H. Levy
College-Football, Basketball

Lewis Irma Lee
College-Glee Club

Harriett Jane Lewis
Pep Squad. National Honor Society


William Sam Lipps
College- Latin Club
Glee Club 

Betty Lorena Long
General-Driver Training

Ernest Pierce Long
College- Chap. Senior Class
Student Council

Florine C. Lorberg
College- Pep Squad Latin Club Glee Club

Frank Elmore Lord
College- Football;Baseball;
Basketball; student council

Raymond L Lush

Nancy J MacKinnon
General Travel Club
Rainbow Girls; Fleur de Lis

Telfair Mahaffy
College- Swimming; Calendar

Ann Y. Manassa
Fleur de Lis

Joyce Lynn Mangels
College- Majorette;Band 
Rainbow Girls

Fredric Harold Mann
General- Study Hall Monitar

Ernest Markowitz
College- Basketball 

Joseph J. Martin

Robert R. Massey

Ann Maurine Matney
College- Sigma Y Teens
Glee Club

Barbara Ann Mays

Sylvia Ann McAlum

William N. McArthur
College- Football

Robert G. McCants
General - Vice Pres. Delta Hi-Y; Latin Club

Sallie Avis McConnell
Business- Student Council;Annual Rep.

Billie E. McCormack
Business-Jubilee; Study Hall Moniter

Margaret Clara McCullough
Business- Red Cross Rep

Annie L McDonald


Anaberta Magill

Mary E. McIlrath
College- Sr. Girls Advisory Council; Spanish Club

Bernard Woodrow  Mckendree
College-Band; Librarian;photographer

Jacqueline McLendon
College- outstanding graduate, Quill & Scroll ; Annual Staff

Robert Lee McLeod
College-Radio Guild, Glee Club

Joy Lee Melton
College- Beta Y Teens; Red Cross; French Club

Grover W. Menzie
General-Football Student Prayer 

Sandra Kay Merritt
General-Delta Y teens

Mary Elizabeth Miller

Gail L Miller
Business- Annual Rep

Betty Jean Minchew

Joyce C Minchew
General - Red Cross Spanish
Wesley Robert Mizell

Robert Mock Tyler
General- Football, track;baseball;Red cross Rep

Vivian Moody
Business-Spanish Club

Kathryn C Morgan
General-Beta Y teens Fleur de Lis

Juanita C Morgan
Business- Pep Squad

Patricia A Morrison

Jan Morrow
College- Jr. Classical League
Red cross Rep

John Moxley
College- President mid senior class

Marvin T Murphy

Joan A. Nachbaur
College - Jr Classical League
Fleur de Lis;Basketball

Marlene Mabel Nall
General- Delta Y Teens 
Spanish Club


Frances Rose Nash
General- Fleur de Lis
Beta Y- Teens Rainbow

Gloria P  Nasrallah
General-Glee Club;Junior classical league

Norman Nassir
College-Spanish Club

Doran L Neal
General- Camera Club

Saundra S Newcomer
College- Sigma Y Teens
Program Chairman

Paul Newman
College- Editor, Thespians

Mary Jane Newsom
Business-Rainbow Girls Spanish Club

Jackie Ann Nicks
General-Annual Rep; Fleur de Lis

Charles M. North
College- Glee Club

Jack Terrell  O'Brien
General- Football

Sylvia C. Oding
College- Glee Club;Classical
Ida Belle O'Grady

Webb B. Olliphant
College-Alpha Hi Y ; Student Council;Annual Staff

Lillian  L Ortagus
Business- Glee Club; Pep Squad

Sandra Kay Osborne
Business- Fleur de Lis' Beta Y teens Swimming Team

Sara Eleene Osborne

Joan Carolyn Owens
General-Thespians; Majorette;
Office Staff

Ann Gaines Pace
General- Latin Club;Annual 

William N. Pace
Business- National   Honor Society

Mary Kay Pafford
College- Band; Swimming Team;Glee Club

Elinor Sue Pajcic
College- Spanish Club;
National Honor Society

Lawrence B. Parker
General - Office Staff

Mildred Lee Parks
College- Sec Student Council
Annual Art  Editor

Lester J Parmenter
General-Football, Track,
Camera Club
Margaret Parmenter

Christine Parnaby
Business-Pres Beta Y Teens

Harry Allison
College- Camera Club

Patricia G. Patrick
Sigma Y Teens Rainbow Girls

Clare Roffins Patton
College- Delta Y Teens' Latin

William Lyle
college-Varsity Baskerball

Jean A. Peacock
College- Cheerleader; National Honor Society;Student CouncilRep

Phyllis Pelton

Phyllis A Pennywitt
Business- Spanish Club
Annual Rep. Student Council Rep

Frederick M Perdue
College- Glee Club

Thomas E. Perry Jr.
General- Alpha Hi Y;Track
Jean Phillips 

Peggy Joyce Pickett
Business- Fleur de Lis;Pep Squad

Walter W. Poole
General- Glee Club; Band;Thespians

Budd T. Porter
College- Treas. National Honor Society

Janice Sylvia Porter

Mary JoAnn Poulos
Business-Fleur de Lis

Fred Arthur Rabe
College- Stage manager;Student council

Joan R. Ragans
College- National Honor Society;Glee Club

Mary E. Ramos
Business- Fleur de Lis;Red Cross Rep.

Carolyn Ray Ray
General- Delta Y Teens

Joseph Allen Reed
College-Junior Classical League; Basketball Varsity Football

Everette Eugene Rees

Lawrence E. Reese

Dorothy Sue Register
Business- Student Council ; Fleur de Lis;Glee  Cllub

Fack L Reichenback
General-Varsity Football

Margaret Reid
College- Outstanding Graduate; Rainbow Girls;

Mary Jeanne Reid
College- Sigma Y Teens; Spanish Club

Barbara E. Repoff
General-Fleur de Lis

Franklin D. Resnick
College-Annual Staff

Carolyn E. Reynolds
Business- Rainbow Girls;
Pep Squad

Duane A Reynolds

Joyce Y Rhoden
Betty Ann Rhodes
College- Student Council Rep
swimming,glee club

Frances C Rhodes
College- Delta Y Teens

Gary N Richardson

Annette J Richmire
College- Jr. Classical League
French Club

Barbara Ann Rivers
College-Glee Club

Stanley C Robinson
College- Latin Club

Celeste Diane Roess
General- band

Emrieann Robinson
College- Glee Club;Rainbow Girls

Lois Inez Rogers
Business-Deans Staff

Eileen N Rosseland

Thomas J Sadler
Business-County Library Council;Camera Club;Track

Joanna E Rucker
College-Latin Club;French Club;Junior Classical League

Sandra Adele Safer
College- Annual Staff
Fleur de Lis

Sollie Safer
College- Annual Staff Business mgr.;Outstanding Graduate

Eddie Joseph Salem
College-Latin Club

Thomas E. Sandlin
General - Student Council;Track 

Aubrey D Sawyer,Jr.
College-Delta Hi Y Swimming Team

William Oliver Scaife
College- Outstanding Graduate;Student Council;National Honor Society

Francine M Schemer

Betty Joyce Scherrer
Business- Library Council

Cynthia J Segraves
College- Spanish Club;Student Council;Annual Staff

Walter Carl Seiler

Mary A Shantz
General-Glee Club;French Club

Roger V. Sheffield
College-Latin Club

Marilyn C. Shepherd
General- Outstanding Graduate
National Honor Society,Rainbow Girls 

Patricia Anne Siegel
College- Fleur de Lis;Office staff;Pep Squad

June Ethelyn Sillay
College- French Club Pep Squad

Claudia Silverman
Fleur de Lis;French Club; Annual Rep

Janice Irma Skinner
Business-Pres soph. Girls Club

Lola Arlene Smith
College; Latin Club

Delores J Smith


Marjorie Ann Smith
Business- Library Council

Mary Francis Smith
General- Glee Club; French Club; Annual Rep

Sidney Lee Smith

Wilson Leland Smith
Business- Football;Track


Geraldine Spears
Business- Glee Club
Pep Squad

Sarah Ann Spence
College-Glee Club;Spanish Club

Claude C Springs
Business-Football;National Honor Society

Jane Stainback

Frances Rae Stalls
Business-Pres. Travel Club
Red Cross Rep

Eugenia Stathis
Business-Annual Staff;Quill & Scroll

Diane G Steagall
College-Thespians;Fleur de lis; Spanish Club

Helen Maxine Steed
Business-Glee Club

Elby J Steger

Jane M Stephens

John C Stevens

Toby Faye Stevens
Business-Deans Staff; Student

Hellen Gail Stillman
College-Glee Club;Pep Squad

Charles Thomas Stitt
General- Football

Wayne M Stone

Tommy H Stoudenmire

Gayle R. Stracener
College- Spanish Club

Kenny A. Strickland
College-Delta Hi Y ;Track;
Camera Club

Barbara Sue Stroud

Roberta F.Stuart
College-Sec Library Council

Nelda G Sullivan
Fleur de Llis;Glee Cllub

Jimmy S Sullivan
Business-Track; Glee Club

Gerald E. Sullivan
French Club Spanish Club


Lavonia P Swinford
Business-Red Cross Rep
Annual Rep.

Jerome Szeliga

Henry Talton
College-Band;Jr. Classical League

Charlotte A Tanner
Business-Fleur de Lis; Deans Staff

Charlotte G Tarratus
Glee Club

Ernestine Ann Taylor

Michael David Thier
College- Office Staff; Latin

Kate Thompson
College-Cheerleader;Annual Staff
French Club

Lawrence L Thompson

Janice P Thompson
Business- Majorette;

Verna Ree Thompson
College- Glee Club

Jane C Thurmond
General- Glee Club
Alita Gay Tomlinson 
College- Sigma Y Teens;Glee Club; Pep Squad

Gene Lamar Tompkins

Sheldon M Torn
Band; Glee Club

Nathan J Travassos

Beverly Dean Trout
Business-Red Cross; Mid Year 
Senior Class

Gene Tyler

Susie Ruth Tyler
College- French Club; Head 

Sylvia Anne Tyner
Business- Fleur de Lis;Annual Rep

Salira Gayle Utsey
College- Rainbow Girls;Deans 

Catherine M Volbeda

Urane F Valentine
College-Beta Y teens


K.T. VonLandingham
College- Jr. Classical League;Football; Basketball

Marion C Vanzant
Business- Glee Club
Sigma Y Teens

Hazel E Vaughan 
General-Rainbow Girls; Latin Club 

Gerard J Verney
College-Cross Country;

Garnett W Vining

Lelius Maxie Waddell
Football; Baseball

Alan F Wager

James P Warren Jr
College :Football Vice Pres of Student Council

John D Warren
College- Basketball

Bill A Watson
General-Annual Staff

Mildred Way
College-National Honor Society
Winifred Way
College- Sec. National Honor
Society, French Club, Spanish Club;Reporter for the Times Union 

William G. Weaver

Joye Anna Webb 
General- Travel Club

Emory T. Weldon

William A Wesseling
General-Camera Club;Travel 

Edward H West
College- Swimming Team

Margaret A Whaley

Tommie E Whigham
Business- Rainbow Girls

Lillian Kathryn White
College-Spanish Club;Latin

Virginia Louise White
Business-Sigma Y Teens

Nancy Lynn Williams
College-Delta Y Teens;Glee

Walter Lee Williams
College-Delta Hi Y

John C Williamson
Gamma Hi Y Camera Club 

Dale Jerome Willis
College-Baseball;Beta Hi Y

Bruce Wilson

Amy Ruth Wingo

Margie R. Winterburn
College- Associate Editor, Traveler;cheerleader

Edward J. Wirhousky

Nancy Wise
College- Sr Girls Chaplain
Pres. Beta Y Teens

Joan Lynn Wolfe
College- Fleur de  Lis
Pep Squad

Linda Carve Wood
College- Fleur de Lis;

Frances J Woodcock

Catherine Woodcock
General- Band Thespians

A.L. Woodham Jr
General-Office Staff; Red Cross Staff
Roberta J Woodman
College- Sec Beta Y Teens
Swimming Pep Squad 

Lou Ann Woods
College-Band Glee Club

Harriett Woodward
Business-Deans Staff; Fleur de Lis ;Student Council

Herman C Woodward

Sue Wright
College-Collumn LEditor Traveler;Calendar

Virginia J Yarbrough
College-Red Cross Rep. Student Council Rep

William C Yarbrough
General- Football Basketball;Baseball

Marilyn Anne Yates
College- Glee Club

Janice Youngblood
Basketball;Annual Rep

John Zeitlilnger 
General- Glee Club

Lucille Therese Zgoda