The Bolles School

The Bolles School of Jacksonville, Florida is an internationally known co-educational college preparatory day and boarding school serving grades Pre-K through 12.  In 2007, the school celebrated their 75th anniversary. The school's mascot is the bulldog.  The school was founded as an all-boys' military academy in 1933 by Agnes Cain Painter, a friend of philanthropist Richard J. Bolles. The original campus is located on San Jose Boulevard along the east bank of the St. Johns River. Bolles announced that it would drop its military status in 1961 and the graduating class of 1962 ended the military era; it began admitting women in 1971. Today, the ratio of males to females is close to 1:1. The San Jose campus looks like a small college and contains sports facilities that many colleges would envy. -wikipedia, The Bolles School.

The Bolles School 1955 

                                         Senior Class of 1948             Senior Class of 1949

                  Senior Class of 1951        Senior Class of 1952          Senior Class of 1953             
 Senior Class of 1955


 Classes of 1956                    Senior Class of 1957          Senior Class of 1958      Senior Class of 1959            Senior Class of 1960                 Senior Class of 1961
Senior Class of 1962                Senior Class of 1963

 Senior Class of 1968                  Senior Class of 1969             Senior Class of 1970                      Senior Class of 1971                      Senior Class of 1973

  Senior Class of 1974                       Senior Class of 1976

Senior Class of 1980                                              Senior Class of 1984           Senior Class of 1985

                   Senior Class of 1987               Senior Class of 1988


                Senior Class 1993                  Senior Class of 1994            Senior Class of 1995                   Senior Class of 1996      Senior Class of 1997

     Senior Class of 1998

           Senior Class of 2006                                                                                        Senior Class of 2009

                       Senior Class of 2011                          Senior Class of 2013
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