The Bolles School Class of 1949 Organizations

The Eagle Staff
Peter E. Hastings, Charles N. Suttles, George A. Fortunas, Horace B. Jones, Gilbert H. Leeper,
Raymond D. Stokes, Ralph N. Andrews
W. Williams,Edward P.  Andrews, Ray D. Stokes, Wilkinson, T. Williams, Deacy, R.C. Sheppard
E. Fleming, J. Crosby, John Duckworth, Kern, G. Smith, P Hastings, Norman, H. Shepard,Canaday
William H. Carr, Alex Huguelet, Tristan Benbow, Charles E. Kern, James G. Ray, W. Harold Walker
Bill Killinger, Eddie Andrews, Arthur Canaday, William A. Hochheim
Suttles, L. Gardner, H. Fisher, James G. Roy
M. Permenter, C.T. Benbow, W>H. Carr, A.Huguelet, James G. Roy, W. Harold Walker
William Killinger, Ray Stokes, H.B. Jones, Youngflesh, Fortunas, Ralph N. Andrews